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Daniel RetaleatoDaniel Retaleato 
I need to get the name of the current app in the controller. So far I'm trying:
public static String getAppName() {
         UserAppInfo userAppInfo = [SELECT Id, AppDefinitionId FROM UserAppInfo WHERE UserId = :UserInfo.getUserId() LIMIT 1];
        AppDefinition appDefinition = [SELECT DurableId, Label FROM AppDefinition Where DurableId = :userAppInfo.AppDefinitionId LIMIT 1];
       return appDefinition.Label;
But Im getting 3 errors:

Line 1: No such column 'AppDefinitionId' on entity 'UserAppInfo'
Line 2: Invalid type: AppDefinition
Line 3: Variable does not exist: appDefinition

Can anyone provide some insight as to what I may be doing wrong? Thanks!
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Khan AnasKhan Anas (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Daniel,

Greetings to you!

Your code looks good to me. Make sure you are using API version 43.0 or later. As per the Salesforce doc, AppDefinitionId field on UserAppInfo object and AppDefinition object are available in API version 43.0 and later.

Please refer to the below links which might help you further.



I hope it helps you.

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Thanks and Regards,
Khan Anas
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AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 
May I request you please check the Salesforce documentation on  "SOQL Relationship Queries" check the below link?

https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/developer-relations/2013/05/basic-soql-relationship-queries.html   (https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/developer-relations/2013/05/basic-soql-relationship-queries.html  )

Child > Parent (Standard Object)

Selectid,Account.Name,Account.Phone,Account.industry,Account.Type,Account.Rating,Account.website,Account.Ownership,Account.AnnualRevenue,Account.NumberOfEmployees,Account.CleanStatus from Contact
Child >Parent(Custom Object)

Selectid,COLLEGE__r.Name,COLLEGE__r.Contact__c,COLLEGE__r.Count__c,COLLEGE__r.Highest_Marks__c,COLLEGE__r.Address__cfrom Studnt__c

Parent >Child(Standard object)
select Name, Industry, (select AssistantName, Email from contacts)from ACCOUNT

Parent >Child (Custom Object)
1select id,Name,(select Studnt__c.name__c from Studnts__r) from College__C

For further reference check this,


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Ryan Mastbergen 4Ryan Mastbergen 4 


I am stuck on a validation rule -

If Sub Category is either 'Attestation Form Complete' or 'Attestation Form Incomeplete', all the other fields listed must not be blank.

The current formula will not let me create the record even if all the fields listed are completed.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

User-added image

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Maharajan CMaharajan C
Hi Ryan,

There is a problem in your formula:

Please try the below one:
ISPICKVAL(Sub_Category__c,"Attestation Form Complete"),
ISPICKVAL(Sub_Category__c,"Attestation Form InComplete")

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Glyn Anderson 3Glyn Anderson 3
There no built-in way to know which loop iteration you're on.  You have to keep track of it yourself.  Something like the code below:

Integer loopCount = 0;
for ( Object obj : listOfObjects )
    // do stuff here...
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Purushotham YellankiPurushotham Yellanki
Hi Apoorva,

Try below Code in you Dev Console and see if this is what you are looking for. Basically reverse triangle logic is same in almost all OOP languages, it doesn't matter if it is Java or Apex all we are going to use is for loops!

String revTriangle = '';
Integer x = 1;
Integer y = 1;
for (x = 1; x <= 10; x++)
for (y = x; y <= 10; y++)
if (y<=x)
revTriangle +='*';

System.debug('ReverserTriangle: \n' + revTriangle);

Thank you
Abhilash Mishra 13Abhilash Mishra 13 
can i get all the values of a picklist field in a list some how?

I have picklist type custom field in the product. having some options.
In my apex class i want to use these options. can I get them some how throught code? 
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Hi Abhilash,

If you want to display pick list values in your custom page through dyanamic apex .You can check below link it will help  .


If you want in a string array or list then you can use below code .
public List<String> getPickListValuesIntoList(){
       List<String> pickListValuesList= new List<String>();
		Schema.DescribeFieldResult fieldResult = ObjectApiName.FieldApiName.getDescribe();
		List<Schema.PicklistEntry> ple = fieldResult.getPicklistValues();
		for( Schema.PicklistEntry pickListVal : ple){
		return pickListValuesList;
Let us know if it helps !!
Sharon CrenshawSharon Crenshaw 
I keep getting the following error while running my Apex Test Class. If I could please get assistance in resolving the problem I would appreciate it. I continue getting the following error:

System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: STRING_TOO_LONG, Alias: data value too large: Sminull90 (max length=8): [Alias]

Below is my code:

Apex Class:

public  class NewUtilStaffProcess {
       public static void createUtlUser(Id recid) {
           Contact gcon = [SELECT Email, Lastname, Firstname, Middlename, AcctId
                            FROM   Contact
                            WHERE  Id = :recid];
           Profile p = [SELECT Id FROM Profile WHERE Name='HAVNA City Public Utility Group'];
           Id acctsTypeId = [SELECT Id
                            FROM   RecordType
                            WHERE  SObjectType = 'Account'
                            AND    Name = 'Account Source'].Id;
           String groleId = [SELECT Id FROM UserRole WHERE Name = 'Utility Staff' LIMIT 1].Id;
           String formatUsrName;
           String setUsrLoc;
           Account retAcct = [SELECT Id, HAVNA_Country__r.HAVNA_Letter_Code__c, Hav_Locality__c, Hav_Street__c
                               FROM   Account
                               WHERE  Id = :gcon.AcctId
                               AND    recordTypeId = :acctsTypeId
                               LIMIT 1];
           if (retAcct.Hav_Street__c == 'Local/Surveyor')
              setUsrLoc = retAcct.HAVNA_Country__r.HAVNA_Letter_Code__c+retAcct.Hav_Locality__c;
           if (retAcct.Hav_Street__c == 'City/Surveyor')
              setUsrLoc = retAcct.HAVNA_Country__r.HAVNA_Letter_Code__c+'C1';
           if (retAcct.Hav_Street__c == 'State/Surveyor')
              setUsrLoc = retAcct.HAVNA_Country__r.HAVNA_Letter_Code__c+'C2';
           if (gcon.middlename == null) {
               formatUsrName = gcon.Lastname.deleteWhitespace().toLowercase().trim()+'.'+gcon.Firstname.deleteWhitespace().toLowercase().trim()+'.cnastaff'+setUsrLoc+'@HAVNA.gmail';
           } else {
               Integer midSize = gcon.Middlename.length();
               if (midSize == 1) {
                   formatUsrName = gcon.Lastname.deleteWhitespace().toLowercase().trim()+'.'+gcon.Firstname.deleteWhitespace().toLowercase().trim()+'.'+gcon.middlename.deleteWhitespace().toLowercase().trim()+'.cnastaff'+setUsrLoc+'@HAVNA.gmail';
               } else {
                   formatUsrName = gcon.Lastname.deleteWhitespace().toLowercase().trim()+'.'+gcon.Firstname.deleteWhitespace().toLowercase().trim()+'.'+gcon.middlename.deleteWhitespace().trim().substring(0,1).toLowercase()+'.cnastaff'+setUsrLoc+'@HAVNA.gmail';

           System.debug('Formatted Username: '+formatUsrName);
           User u       = new User(Alias    = gcon.Lastname.deleteWhitespace().trim().length() > 4 ? gcon.Lastname.deleteWhitespace().trim().substring(0,3)+setUsrLoc: gcon.lastname+setUsrLoc,
                         Email              = gcon.Email,
                         EmailEncodingKey   = 'UTF-8',
                         LastName           = gcon.Lastname,
                         FirstName          = gcon.Firstname,
                         MiddleName         = gcon.Middlename,         
                         LanguageLocaleKey  = 'en_US',
                         LocaleSidKey       = 'en_US',
                         ProfileId          = p.Id,
                         UserRoleId         = groleid,          
                         TimeZoneSidKey     = 'America/New_York',
                         UserName           = formatUsrName);
           UtilStaffPermSet.assgnPermissionSet(recId, u.Id);  
           System.resetPassword(u.Id, True);


Apex Test Class:

public class NewUtilStaffProcessTest {

   public static testMethod void InitialTest() {

        /* Get Record Id Type */   
        Id conTypeId;
        Id acctTypeId;
        String formatUsrName;
        String setUsrLoc;
        conTypeId = [SELECT Id  
                     FROM   RecordType
                     WHERE  SObjectType = 'Contact'
                     AND    Name = 'Utility Staffer'].Id;  

        Id acctsTypeId = [SELECT Id
                      FROM   RecordType
                      WHERE  SObjectType = 'Account'
                          AND    Name = 'Account Source'].Id;

        Profile p = [SELECT Id FROM Profile WHERE Name='HAVNA City Public Utility Group'];
        String groleId = [SELECT Id FROM UserRole WHERE Name = 'Utility Staff' LIMIT 1].Id;

        Integer midsize;
        //Create new State record; initialize required field(s), then insert
        HAV_State_and_Country__c state  = new HAV_State_and_Country__c();
        state.Name                = 'Oregon';
        state.HAV_Letter_Code__c = 'OR';
        state.HAV_Type__c        = 'State';
        Insert state;
        //Create new Account record; initialize required field(s), then insert
        Account acct = new Account(Name='Oregon Local 7');
        acct.Hav_Locality__c     = '90';
        acct.Hav_Street__c     = 'Local/Surveyor';
        acct.RecordTypeId     =  AcctTypeId;
        acct.HAV__Country__c    = state.id;
    insert acct;

        //Create new Contact record; initialize required field(s), then insert
        Contact con  = new Contact();   
        con.FirstName       = 'Ralph';  
        con.LastName        = 'Smith';
        con.Middlename      = 'Otis';
        con.RecordTypeId    =  conTypeId;
        con.email           = 'rsmith8@verizon.com';
        con.AcctId          = acct.id;
        //Insert Contact
        Insert con ;
       Account retAcct = [SELECT Id, HAV_Country__r.HAV_Letter_Code__c, Hav_Locality__c, Hav_Street__c
                          FROM   Account
                          WHERE  Id           = :con.AcctId
                          AND    recordTypeId = :nomsTypeId
                          LIMIT 1];
       if (retAcct.Hav_Street__c == 'Local/Surveyor')
              setUsrLoc = retAcct.HAV_Country__r.HAV_Letter_Code__c+retAcct.Hav_Locality__c;
       if (con.middlename == null) {
           System.debug('3: '+setUsrLoc);
               formatUsrName = con.Lastname.deleteWhitespace().toLowercase().trim()+'.'+con.Firstname.deleteWhitespace().toLowercase().trim()+'.cnastaff'+setUsrLoc+'@HAVNA.gmail';
           } else {
               System.debug('4: '+setUsrLoc);
               midSize = con.Middlename.length();
               if (midSize == 1) {
                   System.debug('5: '+setUsrLoc);
                   formatUsrName = con.Lastname.deleteWhitespace().toLowercase().trim()+'.'+con.Firstname.deleteWhitespace().toLowercase().trim()+'.'+con.middlename.deleteWhitespace().toLowercase().trim()+'.cnastaff'+setUsrLoc+'@HAVNA.gmail';
               } else {
                   System.debug('6: '+setUsrLoc);
                   formatUsrName = con.Lastname.deleteWhitespace().toLowercase().trim()+'.'+con.Firstname.deleteWhitespace().toLowercase().trim()+'.'+con.middlename.deleteWhitespace().trim().substring(0,1).toLowercase()+'.cnastaff'+setUsrLoc+'@HAVNA.gmail';
 User thisUser = [SELECT Id FROM User WHERE Id = :UserInfo.getUserId()];
         User u       = new User(Alias      = con.LastName.deleteWhitespace().trim().length() > 4 ? con.LastName.deleteWhitespace().trim().substring(0,4)+setUsrLoc: con.LastName+setUsrLoc,
                         Email              = con.email,
                         EmailEncodingKey   = 'UTF-8',
                         LastName           = con.LastName,
                         FirstName          = con.Firstname,
                         MiddleName         = con.Middlename,         
                         LanguageLocaleKey  = 'en_US',
                         LocaleSidKey       = 'en_US',
                         ProfileId          = p.Id,
                         UserRoleId         = groleid,          
                         TimeZoneSidKey     = 'America/New_York',
                         UserName           = formatUsrName);


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Maharajan CMaharajan C
Hi Sharon,

The User Alias field has default size limit which is Maximum 8 characters. But code generating more than 8 character (Sminull90). 

Your code generating the alias dynamically so you have to handle the characters limit. And also avoid the null by using proper null check because am seeing null got genereated in alias Sminull90.
Alias      = con.LastName.deleteWhitespace().trim().length() > 4 ? con.LastName.deleteWhitespace().trim().substring(0,4)+setUsrLoc: con.LastName+setUsrLoc


On the task there is a WhatId and a WhoId. Sometimes the WhatId is filled in and others have the WhoId filled in. In which situations is one used over the other?



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WhoID refers to people things.  So that would be typically a Lead ID or a Contact ID

WhatID refers to object type things.  That would typically be an Account ID or an Opportunity ID

Salesforce GeekSalesforce Geek 
Hi There,

I’m newbie to Salesforce.

I would like to know the syntax “How to subtract one minute and two minutes from the current time”? I have checked in Datemethods in Apex documentation. No luck found.

Can anyone help?

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PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 

This will work:

For 1 minute:   NOW() - (1/1440)
For 2 minutes:  NOW() - (2/1440)


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Problem statement:


When APEX inserting OpportunityShare records, you get DML Exception: INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY


Why does this happen?


The obvious reasons are:


  • OpportunityShare.OpportunityId is for an invalid Opportunity (or not an opportunity at all)
  • Running user doesn't have access to the Opportunity in OpportunityId

But if neither of these are the case...what else could it be?




You can not insert OpportunityShare records for the current owner of the record.  You'll need to modify the Apex code to see if the current owner is the same as OpportunityShare.UserOrGroupId.  If it is, then don't insert.  You can still create OpportunityTeamMember records for that user but not OpportunityShare.  Who the current user is will depend if you are doing the OpportunityShare Dml statement in a before trigger, after trigger, VF controller, or API.


Although I haven't tested this, I presume the above applies to AccountShare and CaseShare objects as well.

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