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Learning ApexLearning Apex 
Hello Folks,

When receiving the "Credential Status" email from Salesforce (after going to https://t.co/xfXDlCbX1f) for some reason (?) my Trailhead Profile appears as "not linked" (blank):
Here is a screenshot of the portion of the received email:

User-added image

What do you think the reason is?
Salesforce has set a deadline to resolve this: 14th-Decembre-2018
Any clue?

My Webassessor seems to be linked already (as displayed above on the screenshot).

I can see that my Trailhead settings show my linked account as "inactive" (?) - I do not know what that means.

User-added image
I have tried clicking the button "connect or merge" and I have re-provided my login credentials for my users but it says "Whoops, looks like there was a problem. Account already linked to this profile."

How can I resolve this? (Salesforce Trailhead Support has not replied my Case#00028586 which I created on the 14th November!)

Thank you very much.
Hi folks! 

I'm trying install in my playground the "Data Quality Analysis Dashboards App"  mandatory to complete module Data QUality.
However once installation process I am facing an issueregarding some name already used by certain component types.
Please have a look on my screenshot. 

Which is weird is thah I never modified any compontent types names.. 

Coud you please assist me with this install issue? What I did wrong?
Thanks for your help!! 

User-added image
Pranav MandlikPranav Mandlik 
i am getting following error

***Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
We can’t find your solution for users to report on custom objects named “SolarBots and Status Data,” or it's not stored in the correct place.***

for this i have created solution and assigned category other reports to it 

please let me know any other inputs you want from my side
Magesh Kumar UlaganathanMagesh Kumar Ulaganathan 
Hi All,

I'm facing a issue in trailhead, I cannot able to use filters in trailhead trails/modules tab.
There is no scrollbar to scroll and select other filters.

Trailhead Filter Issue

Am I the only one facing this issue or any others. 

I have tried the following browsers,
  • Google Chrome
  • UC Browser
  • Microsoft Edge
sai manojsai manoj 
User-added image
Report Name - Tempature to kWh Research
Report Type  - soloarbots and status data
Colums  -Kilowatt Hours , Panel Tempature ,
Bucket field  - Tempature Range (Panel Tempature)

User-added image
Please Guide Me
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Bala Gangadhar VadlamuriBala Gangadhar Vadlamuri
Dear Sai,

Group the Temperature Range and try. I am just attaching the screens. plz refer and do the needfull.

BalaUser-added imageUser-added image
Linda Nelson 4Linda Nelson 4 
Unable to install Data Quality Analysis Dashboards app from AppExchange to complete Trailhead challenge.  After reviewing instruction and troubleshooting videos, I still get the error.  I verified that the username was the one for my Trailhead Playground. I have used the link to the AppExchange app from the challenge, as well as going to the AppEchange dropdown from the Trailhead. I get to the install in production step and then the error occurs.
This app can't be installed.
There are problems that prevent this package from being installed.
Insufficient Privileges    You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary.

Ravvi JoshiRavvi Joshi 
Today I registered for a Trailhead account, and was doing file answering quiz (in English) until time came to launch Playground.
Once playground launches, it does so in Japanese I believe, though it could be Chinese as well. Not sure.
I can't figure out how to change the language either. Checked my user settings, email user settings, to no avail. Did search web for answer, which almost always point to a dropdown at the bottom of page to select your language. But playground doesn't have any dropdown.
Any help in getting English back is much appreciated.
Thanks In Advance.
amulya nidhi 7amulya nidhi 7 
Hello all,

I have been a serious user of SF for the past 9 years (partly as admin but mainly as business analyst). Now I am joining the trailhead community for serious learning (primarily admin).

I wanted to know whether I should start my journey with my official mail or my personal gmail. I don't want to lose badges and points etc; but will not using official mail restrict some functionalities?

Gratitude in advance.