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Edson VasconcelosEdson Vasconcelos 
    "resource": "/c:/Users/edson/OneDrive/Documentos/Apex/Dreamhouse/scripts/apex/dreamhouseappTest.apex",
    "owner": "apex-errors1",
    "severity": 8,
    "message": "Invalid type: House",
    "source": "c:\\Users\\edson\\OneDrive\\Documentos\\Apex\\Dreamhouse\\scripts\\apex\\dreamhouseappTest.apex",
    "startLineNumber": 2,
    "startColumn": 24,
    "endLineNumber": 2,
    "endColumn": 24
Malik ThummalapalliMalik Thummalapalli 
Error: There is already a field named Discount_Percentage on Opportunity. 

 how to solve the problem
priyanka jakkan 14priyanka jakkan 14 
We have requirement where we need to number the Opportunity Stage however this is specific to particular record type . Please provide insights on the same including both Configuration approch or custom approch , if anyone have previously worked on similar requirement. Help me with the pointers which needs to be taken care if we go with Custom approch.Thank you for help in advance .
Wesley Santana PradoWesley Santana Prado 
I created 2 Omnistudio orgs to make a POC using the link https://trailhead.salesforce.com/promo/orgs/omnistudiotrails, but the email that arrives to verify account sends me to login page, but I don't have any password set yet. If I try to reset the password, the page asks a secret question that I do not have set either, so how am I supposed to know? How can I solve this problem?
sai shanmukh vishnubhatlasai shanmukh vishnubhatla 
I achieved ranger rank and completed the route to ranger quest trailhead challenge (August 2023). I would appreciate it if you could please deliver my hoodie.

Email : saishanmukh9@gmail.com
Ian Lin 857Ian Lin 857 
I am getting this error inspite of following everything correctly in 
"Create a Lens Using a Polar Gauge Chart with Chart Icons" trailhead. Can somebody please help me fix it?