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Ian Lin 716Ian Lin 716 
Does anyone have further insights about the answer to this questiojn?
I made some research and I think the answer is using Dynamic visibility (option A). Any thoughts? 

The admin at Northern Trail Outfitters needs to allow users to submit attachments when creating a case. Case creation is currently using a screen flow. The amin has configured the screen flow to indicate attachments, but during testing, end users are saying they are getting attachments when they are not needed. They only want attachments when the case Type is IT Error.
How should the admin configure this requirement?

a. Use Dynamic visibility to show the attachment component when case type is IT Error
b. Create a second flow without attachments for when they are not required
c. Use a decision element and show a second screen that doesn’t allow attachments.
d. Create a validation rule that prevents attachments when case type is not IT Error
Ayan Roy 7Ayan Roy 7 
How many login does trailhead playground support?
Dastagiri BashaDastagiri Basha 
List<Employee__c> empList;
        AggregateResult[] atteList;
        AggregateResult[] LeaveList;
        if(empIds.size() >0){
            empList = [SELECT Id,Name,Basic_Salary__c,Employee_ID__c FROM Employee__c WHERE Not (Id IN :empIds)];
            atteList  = [SELECT Count(Id)cnt,Employee__c FROM Attendance__c WHERE Month_and_year__c=:monthYear AND (NOT (Employee__c IN : empIds))  GROUP BY Employee__c];
            LeaveList  = [SELECT SUM(No_of_Days__c)noL,Employee__c FROM Leave__c WHERE Month_and_year__c=:monthYear AND (NOT (Employee__c IN : empIds)) AND (Approval_Status__c ='Accept' OR Approval_Status__c ='Edit & Accept')  GROUP BY Employee__c];
        }__c WHERE Not (Id IN :empIds)];
kranthi kumar 160kranthi kumar 160 
hello guys I am doing Process Automation Specialist superbadge in this i was stuck in step-5 when i tried to check whether the challenge is done or not it is showing error "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
An Opportunity with the Stage 'Negotiation/Review' and the Amount greater than $100,000 was not successfully submitted for approval upon creation" like this i tried many ways and searched in browser to rectify this error but it is showing the same error so please to complete this challenge
thank you
I have a problem deploying the components in this trailhead module:
I don't see them under the Custom components section in the edit page view. I've imported them to Visual Studio Code and added
to the XML file, to no avail. How to make it appear so I can pass the challange?
Debojyoti Roy 2Debojyoti Roy 2 
Hey. I have used the following validation rules.
Billing_Country_Validation_Rule (1). Validation Formula: NOT(OR(BillingCountry = "US", BillingCountry = "USA", BillingCountry = "United States", ISBLANK(BillingCountry))) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

OR( LEN(BillingState) <>3, NOT(CONTAINS("AL:AK:AZ:AR:CA:CO:CT:DE:DC:FL:GA:HI:ID:" & "IL:IN:IA:KS:KY:LA:ME:MD:MA:MI:MN:MS:MO:MT:NE:NV:NH:" & "NJ:NM:NY:NC:ND:OH:OK:OR:PA:RI:SC:SD:TN:TX:UT:VT:VA:" & "WA:WV:WI:WY:PR", BillingState)) ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (3).For_Customer_Channel
ISCHANGED( Name ) && ISPICKVAL(Type, 'Customer - Channel') ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (4).For_Customer_Direct
ISCHANGED( Name ) && ISPICKVAL(Type, 'Customer - Direct' ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (5).Shipping_Country_Validation_Rule
NOT(OR(ShippingCountry = "US", ShippingCountry = "USA", ShippingCountry = "United States", ISBLANK(ShippingCountry))) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (6).Shipping_State_Validation_Rule

But I get the following error: Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
A validation rule did not prevent a new Account from being saved when Billing Country is blank and Billing State has three characters.

Pls help in fixing it.
Sumedh More 8Sumedh More 8 
App Customization Specialist Challange 5(Last Challange)

There was an unexpected error while verifying this challenge. Usually this is due to some pre-existing configuration or code in the challenge Org. We recommend using a new Developer Edition (DE) to check this challenge. If you're using a new DE and seeing this error, please post to the developer forums and reference error id: ZKWYMXKF
Dulce AmayaDulce Amaya 
I'm having some trouble with the Process Automation Specialist Superbadge - Challenge 2. I keep getting the following error:

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
A validation rule did not prevent a new Account from being saved when Billing Country is blank and Billing State has three characters.

These are my validation rules:

LEN( ShippingState ) <> 2 || 
"VT:VI:VA:WA:WV:WI:WY" , ShippingState )) || 
(ShippingCountry <> 'USA' && ShippingCountry <> 'US' && ShippingCountry <> 'United States' && NOT( ISBLANK(ShippingCountry)))


LEN( BillingState ) <> 2 || 
"VT:VI:VA:WA:WV:WI:WY" , BillingState )) || 
(BillingCountry <> 'USA' && BillingCountry <> 'US' && BillingCountry <> 'United States' && NOT( ISBLANK(BillingCountry)))

Can anyone help me please?