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srikanth Msrikanth M 
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'My Top Volunteer Organizations' report is not sorting the correct direction.User-added image
Gujja PravalikaGujja Pravalika 
In the Sales profile, we can't find the correct permissions for the Rating field on the Account object.
David SteenkistDavid Steenkist 

Hi there, I'm completely new to Salesforce and this forum so forgive me for making any mistakes.

I'm setting up the "Accounts by Market" report but when I have it cheked it comes back with "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
Couldn't find a matrix report named 'Accounts by Market'."

I think I've got it all covered but obviously there's something wrong:
User-added image

I have checked the report's name and folder or is it impossible to run the check before completing the step?!?!?!?

Serge Amouzou-AkueSerge Amouzou-Akue 
Hi Everyone
I disconnected my playground by mistake can I create a new playground and continue my admin super badge. I have completed two questions already or how can I reconnect it please?
Many thanks
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SwethaSwetha (Salesforce Developers) 
Incase you happen to find the username for your disconnected org, you can goto https://login.salesforce.com/ enter your username and click forgot password so that a pwd reset email can be sent to you.

I'm afraid reaching out to trailhead support would be the only option if you do not have your credentials.

I don't think disconnecting an org will have any impact on your existing badges and points. If there are dependencies on the previous 2 trailhead units, you might have to redo them to finish your superbadge in the new playground .

If this information helps, please mark the answer as best. Thank you
Manju S 7Manju S 7 
I have done many times still shows this error please anyone help me to complete this
Hi All,
I need to set up web chat in NPSP org but am not able to find some settings. Please guide what licenses it requires?
Benjamin DoctorsBenjamin Doctors 
Hi Devs,
I'd finished the Input Data Using Forms unit from Aura Components Basics module and in some part they use a JSON.parse(JSON.stringify()) and call it a DISGUSTING TEMPORARY HACK.
My problem is that I don't understand why are they using that.
As far as I know, JSON.parse(JSON.stringify()) clones an object (use with care since can give strange results sometimes), but I don't get why clone when you already have the object.
Even worse, I removed that line of code and everything seems to work perfectly.
 This is all the explanation in the unit: 
"The “disgusting hack” works around a similar issue with references. To see the issue, change the line to remove the two JSON calls, and test the app. You’ll see what the problem is quickly enough. We’ll remove it in the next unit, and so won’t explain further."
The misterious hack is in the helper.js file.
    createExpense: function(component, expense) {
        let theExpenses = component.get("v.expenses");
        // Copy the expense to a new object
        let newExpense = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(expense));
        component.set("v.expenses", theExpenses);
Please, help me understand this hack.


I'm facing an error on my Trailhead account. My certifications aren't appearing, and the error below occurs when I try to connect my web assessor account. Could you please help? Thanks,
User-added image