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Sereena BlayneySereena Blayney 

LMS integration with Salesforce

Hi All,

Would appreciate any advice/recommendations/feedback on LMS integrations with Salesforce
Specifically, we are looking at Docebo, Talent LMS, Moodle & Cornerstone as possible LMS solutions. Trying to understand;

* Which LMS is the best choice
* The benefits of an integration 
* Whether an integration is really necessary (was thinking of just placing a link into Custom Links in SFDC so users can click through to LMS)

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. 
I´m curious if we are in the same position, I´m looking for an LMS mainly targeting educating externally, customers and end-users. Are you looking for internal or external training? 
Williams PetersonWilliams Peterson

hi, dear Sereena Blayney

If you want to know about learning management system development (https://itechcraft.com/learning-management-system-development/), here's an article on one site. All the answers to your questions are detailed there. It might be helpful. Yes, I myself am quite well versed in this, if you write to me in a personal. I will give you a hint.


Daniel Par 9Daniel Par 9
There are many lms available in the market which offers salesforce LMS integration. I will recommend you Paradiso LMS (https://www.paradisosolutions.com/LMS-salesforce-integration)

It automatically syncs the two platforms with ease and ensures you always have access to accurate training data.
It embeds LMS directly into your Salesforce user dashboard. Your users can access and complete their courses in an environment they already know.
With Paradiso LMS, get up-to-date data when you need it. You can send training information to Salesforce in real-time and quickly generate powerful reports for all your training needs.
Stacy CathcartStacy Cathcart
Integrating a LMS with Salesforce or creating a custom LMS equally require thorough knowledge of the technology you work with. I'd recommend you starting with this article (https://yalantis.com/blog/choosing-learning-management-system/).