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Carol WalgenwittCarol Walgenwitt 

Visualforce - Custom Controllers

I completed the challenge for this section but I cannot get my exercise to work - I followed the instructions to create the ContactsListWithController page and class - I am supposed to see a Last Name and First Name where I can click to see it changes the sort. When I click on preview I only see a link for Last Name there is no First Name and the Last Name does not sort - I posted my code before I will post it again now - I did get a reply from a Trailhead support person who suggested I rewrite my code into another file - I did that and it still is not working - Can someone else help me I would really like to get it to work or find out what I did wrong - Screen shot of my codeScreen shot of my codeScreen shot of my code
Suraj Tripathi 47Suraj Tripathi 47
Hi Carol,

I want to suggest you to please check your contact list whether any contact having firstName or not.
It may be possible that there are no contacts in your list having FirstName field filled.

I suggest you to create some contacts with FirstName and LastName field filled.

Then, check again. It may work.
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Thank you!

Suraj Tripathi
Carol WalgenwittCarol Walgenwitt
Good evening Suraj, I thank you for your response. I do have a First Name and Last Name in my contact list. I attached a screen shot of what my page looks like after I click Previw. It shows both First Name and Last Name. Above First Name is a link Last Name - I believe the link should be First Name and above the column Last Name should be where the link Last Name is supposed to be. The links are supposed to sort the name in order hence the code has sortOrder. I hope this is not too confusing.  If you cannot help me can you forward my problem to another team member as I would really like to resolve this. Thank you Carol Ann Walgenwitt carolannwalgen@aol.com