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Lukesh KarmoreLukesh Karmore 

Why we reset password while launching every trailhead Playground ans any one

While completing challange of install package (BOTanical)  there ia instructions of reset password , so if i have old good password then why should i change it.
if i can't change then i will not able to complete challange ?????
Thank you.
AnudeepAnudeep (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Lukesh - As per my understanding, the steps listed here are just to get the username and password for the org as the section indicates

We usually click on reset password to get our username and password. The same is documented below. However, it is not necessary for you to reset the password


Ensure to connect your org to the trailhead playground though using the connect org link. See screenshot below

User-added image

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Lukesh KarmoreLukesh Karmore
Ya there is a option of connect org  what happen if i connect
Lukesh KarmoreLukesh Karmore
Hey anudeep , im stuck in  "set up the BOTanical app"
they said copy the link ,
open incognito window
So in between i have little bit confusion of launching trailhead Playground .
I launch the playground or copy link to incognito window ...???