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Jesse Barker 33Jesse Barker 33 

I cannot resolve assignment issue in the service cloud trailhead. The assignment rule 'Assign Booyah' was not found for cases or it is not active continues to appear even though the indicator is set properly. Help please!

I am trying to complete the AUTOMATE CASE MANGEMENT module and continue to receive the following error.  
The assignment rule 'Assign Booyah' was not found for cases or it is not active.  The 'ACTIVE" box is checked.  I would appreciate help trouble shooting this issue,

NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Jesse,

Sorry for this issue you are facing.

Please double check with the below steps if you have done the same.

Create a queue with the name ‘Booyah’ for the Cases object.
User-added imageCreate an assignment rule with the name ‘Assign Booyah’ to route cases to that queue
User-added image
The assignment rule should route cases where the Description contains ‘Booyah’.
User-added imageAdd an escalation rule with the name ‘Booyah’ to escalate cases.
User-added imageThe escalation rule should escalate cases not closed after 30 minutes, based on when the case is created, and should use business hours specified on the case.

For more information please refer to below link from the forums community which has a similar discussion. Hope this helps.

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