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Visualforce in Custom Object or Visualforce page using Custom object controller?

I am trying to go a little futher with a Custom Object by adding in Visualforce components. It's not obvious how I do this though. Is there some way to add Visualforce to a Custom Object or would I need to make a Visualforce page that uses the Custom object's controller?
Are you trying to do something like this?
Hope that helps,
That is sort of what I was trying to do. The only problem now is even though I am able to drag my page into the layout now, it's content is not showing up. Any idea what might be wrong?
Just a guess but have encountered similar "not available in the content drop down". Turns out Visualforce pages must inherit from a standard controller and be extended, not a custom controller if you wish it to be available to layouts. It's documented but gets overlooked quite easily.
Arpit Khandelwal 20Arpit Khandelwal 20
Hi i am not sure whether this is right thread for my question. I am getting error after running below visualforce page code. Error -> Unknownproperty'Candidate__cStandardController.Account'. 

"<apex:page standardController="Candidate__c">
    <apex:pageBlock title="Candidate Summary">
            //Account owner: {! Account.Owner.Name } <br/>

            Name: {! Candidate__c.Name } <br/>
            Email: {! Candidate__c.Email } <br/>
            SSN: {! Candidate__c.SSN } <br/>
            //Revenue: {! Account.AnnualRevenue } <br/>