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Multi-picklist in a formula field

Hi All,

In a child object I want to have a forumla field that should display the selected mult-picklist values present in the parent object.


How can I do it? I am not able to use the merge field directly or using any of the available functions including text()



Thanks in advance



You can't display the values of a multi-select picklist in a cross-object formula or standard formula field at the present time and I'm not sure if Salesforce is planning to address this in the upcoming Winter '10 release.


The only option would be to capture the values of the multi-select picklist in a text field using an Apex trigger and then display that field on the child record. 


Mark -


Do you know if this was delivered? If not, can you point an Apex greenhorn to some information to help me out?


Here's a summary of my situation to give you all the facts:



Summary: Pretty simple...I need to convert the results for the multi-select picklist to a simple text field via formula logic.

Problem: The TEXT(____) formula logic does not work with MS picklists as it does for the normal picklists. I am fine with the semicolon delimited format produced when creating custom reports with this data type, but cannot get this behavior.

Background: I am implementing our app for a client that needs to take the MS picklist value off of the opportunity (parent object) down to the related Invoice object.

Any help would be awesome and see y'all at Dreamforce.



Major props to David Carnes at OpFocus for the following solution ( http://www.opfocus.com/).....So good I have to plug his company.


"SFDC Help tells us that we can only use the following functions with Multi-Select Picklists.....

- Includes()
- IsBlank()
- IsNull()
- IsChanged() **Only in specific cases such as Validation Rules, etc
- PriorValue() **Only in specific cases such as Validation Rules, etc

Basically our hands are tied behind our backs, but like Houdini...with some creativity and concatenation (ok, he used concentration), we can use the Includes function to check for each possible value in a Multi-Select Picklist called "MS_Field__c" and in this case display the results separated by commas.

IF(INCLUDES(MS_Field__c,"Value 1"), "Value 1,", "") &
IF(INCLUDES(MS_Field__c,"Value 2"), "Value 2,", "") &
IF(INCLUDES(MS_Field__c,"Value 3"), "Value 3,", "")

The approach above will be tedious if your Multi-Select Picklist has a load of picklist values, but I don't see other options. In a quick test I confirmed that it will work with a Cross Object Formula as you described in your example. Depending on how big and complicated your overall formula is, you could be able to remove the extra comma at the end with some clever use of LEFT and LEN functions..."