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Email validation

Hi All,

Does anyone know what constitutes a valid email address in Salesforce? We need to clean up our existing data so that we can import it into SFDC. We'd like to write some regular expressions that match those of SFDC.


Hi Ben,

If you get hold of the e-mail address validation rules, please post them here as I would like to see them too.

With the Winter Release, Salesforce.com updated the Data Loader logic with these new e-mail validation 'rules', so the Data Loader would not insert bad e-mail addresses (which is a great feature).

I asked Salesforce.com for a copy of the e-mail validation 'rules' so we could set up our back end with the same 'rules' so we would only send the Data Loader valid e-mail addresses to load (and not cause our nightly process to fail), but to this point Salesforce.com has been unable to provide these 'rules' to me.