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Copy shipping address to billing address, please help

By default, on the  Edit Account page i cannot see a "Copy Billing Address to Shipping Address" link above the Shipping Address.



So do you have any idea to copy Billing Address to Shipping Address?

I cannot use the Workflow and updated fields, because on the address information i got the picklist value.



Since we are using the customize page layout, i cannot see the "Copy shipping address to billing address" hyperlink in the Account Edit Page.


Do you have any idea? If i create a custom link or custome button, it will dispear on the Account Edit Page.




Best Regard,



Hi May,


Did you try this?



Once you make sure the Address Information section is on the Edit Page - the link to Copy Billing Address to Shipping Address will then appear.




Saurabh DhobleSaurabh Dhoble

You can refer to this post to figure out how to copy billing address to shipping address.