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Jan-Willem KuijpersJan-Willem Kuijpers 

DigiCert Certificate: The server is not sending the required intermediate certificate


for our community we have uploaded a Digicert Certificate to Salesforce and connected to our domain. Once we open our site, it works for most of the browsers. But not for FireFox and mobile device browsers. We completed the following test:


The final check is not good (The server is not sending the required intermediate certificate.) This is all within the Salesforce environment. What is wrong with this certificate? Should we upload another one, or must something be adjusted on the Salesforce server?

Thank you for your response.
Jan-Willem KuijpersJan-Willem Kuijpers
Or can anybody tell us what certificats are completely supported by Salesforce? We now have a Digicert certificate, perhaps a certificate form VeriSign? Any details are welcome.
Apex - LearnerApex - Learner
Hello Jan, I see that this has been resolved for you. Could you please provide details how you got this fixed as we seem to have same problem but we are not able to fix this.

Thanks in advance..
Jan-Willem KuijpersJan-Willem Kuijpers
Hi, good point!

The way we solved it is that we contacted Salesforce Support via our implementation partner. In the end Salesforce Support changed something on the Salesforce Server that accepted our certificate on all browsers in the end. So my advice would be to contact Salesforce Support and explain the issue and report a case. It helps to have premium support for these types of issues.
Where in Salesforce did you go to upload the digicert certificate? Under certificate and key management, I see the import from keystore option, but it is expecting JKS format 
Teena MalhotraTeena Malhotra
Do we have a list mentioned inbound Messaging SSL CA Certificates. Does SFDC Domain support Extended EV for SSL inbound?