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Ryan WoodsRyan Woods 

Creating Object-Specific Quick Actions

I having troube getting past this module. Could someone share their walkthrough with me?  Thanks
Sakthivel ThandavarayanSakthivel Thandavarayan

Sorry to say, I don't think I can explain better than trailhead ! 

Do you need help from scratch on creating actions ? 
If not, At which point you are feeling stuck ? 
What is the issue you are facing on completing the challenge? 
Rita LeverettRita Leverett
Is it saying the action wasn't added to the Account Layout but you know you did because you're looking right at it? That's the problem I'm having.
Rita LeverettRita Leverett
Ryan, I just got mine to work. I added the action to the Account Mobile Layout publisher actions. I think we were given the wrong layout name.
Jeff BergerJeff Berger
Rita, I can confirm that. I was having the same issue but I tried the mobile layout thanks to your comment above and I was finally able to get past this!
sachin patel 7sachin patel 7
Hi Rita / Jeff....anyone

New admin here so excuse anything silly I may say. I have been trying this task for the past hour or so and not getting anywhere. Has anyone got a few minutes to do a quick walkthrough on this task?  So far I have created a new actions within buttons, links and actions called 'Update_Account_Information' with action type 'up date account'. Is this even correct? 

I cant see anything called Account Mobile Layout publisher actions.

Any help would be brilliant. 
Rita LeverettRita Leverett
Hi Sachin,

You are adding the publisher action you created (label should be 'Update Account Information') to a Page Layout in Accounts. Go to Setup -> Customize -> Accounts -> Page Layouts.

You should see Account Mobile Layout in list of page layouts for the Account Object. Select 'Edit', select 'Actions'. You should see the action you created. Move it to the 'Actions in the Publisher' section and save. Let us know if this works for you.
Jeff BergerJeff Berger
For the record my mobile layout was named a little differently, "Account Mobile Technician Layout," but was still accepted as a viable solution.
sachin patel 7sachin patel 7
Thanks all, solved the issue, I created three different actions instead of one. Thanks for your help!!!
Dheeraj Swami 6Dheeraj Swami 6
I am not able to see Any Account mobile layout ?
Rita LeverettRita Leverett
Dheeraj, I checked my newest developer org (I have several) and it does not have a mobile layout for Account either. Are you having trouble adding the action to the Account Layout or did you just happen to realize there is no mobile layout?
Nisha WarrierNisha Warrier
I too didn't get this.Infact, I tried adding the action to all avialable Account layouts.Still it says can't find!!
Andy LaforestAndy Laforest
User-added image

I'm also having issues with this. Did I maybe add this to the incorrect area of the page layout?
Nisha WarrierNisha Warrier
Hi Andy,
I couldn't find any issues with pagelayouts.Finally, I rechecked the challenge.It says"Account-> Actions" and not Global Actions.So try to do it in Account>actions instead of global actions..It worked for me!!
Andy LaforestAndy Laforest
Thanks, Nisha. Works!!
Tomasz LuczakTomasz Luczak
Nisha, Andy - Exaclty! I also created a global one first. Not entirely sure why they do not make it clear there but... there you go! We've made it! :-) Thanks guys!
Tomasz LuczakTomasz Luczak
Ryan (the question owner), can you make Nisha's answer "The best answer" so that it appears on the very top of the thread? This will help others in finding the solution quickly. Thanks!
Alejandro Valdes OliveraAlejandro Valdes Olivera

The key was your comment! If in doubt "rechecked the challenge", I went back to check thoroughly and found the sollution! Nice work Nisha!
Andres GuzmanAndres Guzman
Hello All,

After reviewing all of your comments and triple checking and unfortunately none of the steps above have worked for me. I do not have a mobile page layout under accounts, the only ones I have are

User-added image
Also when creating the action I do not get an update record action only create a record action. I have added the action to all the layouts and still no result.
Any ideas?
Rita LeverettRita Leverett
Hi Andres,
Are you in Account --> Buttons, Links, and Actions?

For the Action Type, next to Create a Record there is a drop-down (small black triangle) to click which shows more actions (Log a Call, Custom Visualforce, and Update a Record).

Does that help?
Andres GuzmanAndres Guzman
OMG that was it. Thanks Rita!
Thomas HThomas H
This might help. I just got it to work --- but with help on this thread ..... THX

To get the quick action to display on Salesforce1 mobile and Lightning Experience  -- On the Account Page Layout -- I clicked on the fine print in the blue link mentioning the need to OVERRIDE. 

Then I dragged my Quick Actions in to that Section.  

Click Over-Ride (small print blue link) in Page Layout on Accounts object to display Quick Action in Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience
Michelle BentleyMichelle Bentley
I have tried ALL of the above suggestions and still can't get it. I get the error message The object-specific quick action was not created on the Account object, or it was not called 'Update Account Information'. I've tried it on all four of the layouts, I've tried updating a record, creat a record, I SEE it as an action, and I've added it to the Salesforce1 lightning bar! Help!
Rita LeverettRita Leverett
Hi Michelle,
  1. Make sure the label 'Update Account Information' is spelled correctly and doesn't have any leading, trailing, or extra embedded spaces.
  2. Make sure the API name matches whatever is given in the instructions.
  3. If all else fails, try again in a new org.
chethan kumarchethan kumar
Hi team,
Can anyone help me with solving this
I tried a lot times but till not getting exact things
i have created a Event custom object add action update a record and label as enterfeedback and placed in page playout evn though getting error can any one help me please 
i have attached the image i am getting error at this place
Harsha KhiroyaHarsha Khiroya
Hi Chethan,
To solve the issue Go to Actions of Event Object and edit the quick action you created. Change the label type to none and set the name to Enter Feedback.
I hope this solves your issue.
Chetan DhapkaleChetan Dhapkale
HI Harsha,
i have same problem as Chethan. bt whatever u said i did still nt completing the challenge....plz share any link or pics that u done
Harsha KhiroyaHarsha Khiroya
@Chetan, please refer to given screenshot.
User-added image