Data Cleaning via Excel

This Excel Add-in provides bi-directional access to the Apex API via the AppExchange Toolkit for Office, and is useful for cleaning and mass-updating data from within a spreadsheet. Updated features include access to Products2 and custom objects, API names or labels, simple query wizard, readable user names, and more.

Quick Start





  • While this tool is easy to install and easy to use, you need to be careful anytime you’re manipulating large amounts of live data.
  • You should have familiarity with Excel and Excel Add-In features, this will ensure that you are successful in installing the connector, there is no setup program.
  • Note: This tool has not been updated to include features from the Apex 8.0 API. The tool currently works with API version 7.0
  • Finally, note that this is an open source tool and it is not a supported product. If you have questions please leverage the documentation on this page or visit the Excel discussion boards.