Migration Tool maintains the various components that form an application as metadata. It is often necessary to move metadata from one system to another, such as when you are:

  • copying components from one organization to another
  • transferring metadata from a local development system to your organization
  • pushing changes from sandbox to production orgs

The Migration Tool is a Java/Ant-based command-line utility, based on the Metadata API, for moving metadata between a local system directory and a organization. The Migration Tool is especially useful in the following scenarios:

  • Development projects—Populate a test environment with large amounts of setup changes, quickly.
  • Multistage release processes—A typical development process requires iterative building, testing, and staging before releasing to a production environment. Scripted retrieval and deployment of components can make this process much more efficient.
  • Repetitive deployment using the same parameters—You can retrieve all the metadata in your organization, make changes, and deploy a subset of components. If you need to repeat this process, it's as simple as calling the same deployment target again.
  • When migrating from stage to production is done by IT—If you prefer deployment via a scripting environment.

Recommended Migration Tool Learning Path

To begin learning about the Migration Tool, follow this path.

  1. Metadata API Quick Start
  2. Using the Migration Tool (Login Required)
  3. Community-Provided Video (embedded above)

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Getting Older Versions of the Tool

To obtain a specific version of the Migration Tool, specify the version number in the the download URL. The download URL contains the version at the end of the file name (

For example, to get version 38.0, use this URL:

Versions of the Migration Tool are available starting from version 19.0.

Salesforce Preview Releases And Sandbox Preview

During Salesforce pre-release and the sandbox preview window, preview and sandbox instances are upgraded before production. Preview and sandbox orgs might contain changes to components that aren’t supported in production yet. If you’re using the latest version of the Migration Tool during that time, you can deploy changes between preview or sandbox orgs only. Alternatively, you can change the version in package.xml to match the production version and deploy to production. After your production instance is upgraded, you can deploy all changes from sandbox using the latest version of the Migration Tool.

The Migration Tool uses the Metadata API version that’s specificed in package.xml. If you want to use a version that’s older than your downloaded tool, specify the desired version in package.xml. You don’t need to download a different version of the Migration Tool to use an older API version.