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This is an old version of the PHP Toolkit. For the latest version, visit PHP Toolkit.

This version of the PHP toolkit provides you an easy way to make Web service API method calls. As an existing user of the toolkit, you will be delighted to know that it’s been updated for the latest API. Additionally, it includes support for the new metadata API. Other new features include support for Send Email, LoginScopeHeader, Proxy Connection, and the ability to make calls with SOAP headers at the connection level rather than the method level.

What's New

This toolkit supports API v11.1.

It introduces or improves the following:

  • Metadata
  • Send Email (Single and Mass Email Messages)
  • EmptyRecycleBin
  • LoginScopeHeader
  • Process Submit Request, Process Work Item
  • Refactored header calls to be scoped at the connection level
  • Proxy



  • PHP 5.1.2+
  • SOAP Enabled
  • SSL Enabled



Review these samples to learn how to make core API and Metadata API calls using the toolkit.


Printing the response from SOAP API call

Printing Raw XML

Dealing with SimpleXMLElements

Turning off WSDL cache

Sandbox WSDL

Known Issues

Older Versions

Icon toolkit sm.gif PHP Tookit 1.1

Icon toolkit sm.gif PHP Toolkit 1.0.x