User Interface

Salesforce has a number of ways to customize the user interface.

  • Point and click - The Salesforce web and mobile interfaces are highly customizable using simple point-and-click and drag-and-drop tools.
  • Visualforce - Create completely custom UIs on familiar Web technologies like HTML, Javascript, and CSS. See the Visualforce page for more information.
  • Lightning - Salesforce's new Lightning technology includes Lightning Components, Lightning App Builder, Lightning Experience, and Lightning Design System. See the Lightning Overview page for more information.

Core Learning Resources

We recommend that you start with the point-and-click tools, by doing tutorials in Trailhead, and then reference the official Salesforce documentation. Lightning and Visualforce are covered on their respective pages.

  1. Trailhead Module: UI Customization
  2. Trailhead Module: Salesforce1 Mobile Basics

Official Salesforce Documentation

The following resources are written and maintained by Salesforce's award-winning documentation team. The content is updated every time Salesforce is upgraded with a new release, typically three times per year. You will always find the most current and trusted content in the official Salesforce documentation.