Featuring an all-new component framework and set of tools for developers and business analysts, you can now build apps, integrate data, and automate business processes lightning fast.

Lightning App Builder

Force.com is the only platform that lets you build powerful enterprise applications without writing a line of code. With the new Lightning App Builder, both developers and business users can now build beautiful custom user interfaces for their Force.com applications that are designed to work perfectly on your phones and tablets.

  • Visually create apps with drag-and-drop components
  • Create beautiful, responsive UIs for Salesforce1 Apps
  • Use custom or off-the-shelf Lightning Components

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Lightning Connect

Lightning Connect lets you seamlessly access data from external sources, side-by-side with your Salesforce data. You can pull data from legacy systems such as SAP, Microsoft and Oracle in real time, without making a copy of the data in Salesforce. And its all easily configured by a simple yet powerful point and click interface.

  • Connect and access data from external sources with point and click simplicity
  • Dramatically reduce integration time to unlock and modernize back-office systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and more
  • View external data side-by-side with existing Salesforce objects

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Lightning Components

The Lightning Component framework is a UI framework for developing dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop devices. It’s a modern framework for building single-page applications engineered for growth.

The framework supports partitioned multi-tier component development that bridges the client and server. It uses JavaScript on the client side and Apex on the server side.

In addition to building new, custom applications with Lightning Components, you can also use Lightning Component Extensions (Pilot) to replace and extend the default Salesforce1 Mobile App UI.

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Technical Resources for Lightning

Ready to start developing with Lightning or want to learn more? We've prepared a variety of technical resources that will help you get started building and deploying Lightning Applications and Components.

Lightning Process Builder

The Salesforce1 Lightning Process Builder is a new workflow tool that helps anyone in your company quickly and easily automate business processes such as employee onboarding, and new customer onboarding - all without writing a single line of code. Creating new processes through a point and click interface helps you avoid repetitive time-consuming tasks so you can do more and go faster.

  • Create processes using a convenient visual layout and point-and-click efficiency
  • Build your whole process in one place rather than using multiple workflow rules
  • Work together in one UI with different business teams

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