Salesforce DX Core Library (Beta)

This library provides client side management of sfdx projects, org authentication, connections to Salesforce APIs, and other various utilities. These libraries are used by and follow patterns of the Salesforce CLI.

Requires Node 8.4 or greater and Typescript target es2017.

Note: Currently in Beta.


Create, read, update and delete authentication information for an org.


Create an instance of an API connection to a Salesforce org.


Create a representation of an org based on an already authenticated alias, username or default. The org will have a connection and other useful methods for interacting with an org and its users.


Represents a config file at either a local or global path. The config file extends the ConfigStore which provides map like functions to interact with config values. The following classes are config files.


Aggregates local, global, and environment config values using SfdxConfig and environment variables.


Represents an sfdx project, defined by the file sfdx-project.json.


Helper methods for user experiences to the terminal.


All logging in sfdx-core is accomplished through this logging class. Anyone can also use the logger to log there own log lines to the sfdx.log file or to any other log file or stream utilizing the log level flags and envars set by the CLI or framework.


An error class that is always thrown from sfdx-core, providing useful formatting and contextual data.


Manage user messages that are accessible by all plugins and consumers of sfdx-core.