What is the Developer Force?

Developer Force is salesforce.com's free developer program for the Force.com platform. The Developer Force website is a free community-based online portal for developers, where developers can learn, access key resources, and discuss a diverse set of topics anchored around the Force.com platform. These topics include Apex Code, Visualforce, Web service APIs, database topics, packaging and distribution of your applications, and much more.

Who is the Force.com Developer Community?

The Force.com Developer Community comprises primary of a technical body of developers and architects, system administrators and IT management.

What is Force.com?

The Force.com platform offers an extremely powerful, scalable and secure cloud computing platform. You can develop, package and instantaneously deploy applications without any infrastructure. This entire web site is dedicated to all things Force.com.

How can Developer Force help you?

The primary goal for Developer Force is to promote community, learning and conversations. This is done through articles, the blogging community and its blogs, tech notes, sample code, providing a free Developer Edition account, together with discussion boards, RSS feeds, documentation, webinars, on-demand sessions, newsletters, event calendar and wikis.

To help drive conversation, Developer Force publishes several articles every month, the blogging community contributes its own, less formal, content. Note that you will also be able to contribute via the wiki.

How can I participate in the Developer Force Community?

There are a number of ways in which you can participate in Developer Force:

  • Signup for a Developer Edition account.
  • Read and contribute articles, tech notes and white papers and comment on them too using the wiki.
  • Download and contribute sample code to Developer Force using the wiki.
  • Read our blogs, subscribe to our RSS feeds or become a blogger yourself.
  • Read and contribute to the Developer Force Discussion Boards.
  • Read the Force.com Developer News email newsletter.
  • Register for an event in our event calendar or watch and listen to archived multimedia events.
  • Participate in special programs such as developer previews to get a first hand look at what's coming.
  • Watch technical webinars that help you get up to speed with new features.

Finally, you can become a registered member of Developer Force itself. Registered users can comment on articles, blogs and tech notes, post on the discussion boards, use the wiki, signup for a Developer Edition account and enjoy various discount programs.