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Leverage Amazon S3 and EC2 on!

  • S3 API and access methods directly available within Apex
  • Manipulate S3 objects based on workflow or data changes
  • Install via AppExchange package, or download the source code
  • Use Amazon Machine Images to kickstart integration development via EC2 for Amazon Web Services lets developers easily create applications that integrate the power of and the Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Combining a framework for authentication, native access to the AWS Simple Storage System (S3), and pre-built Amazon Machine Images (AMI), the toolkit provides the foundations nessesary to take advantage of these Amazon services directly within

You can now easily manipulate S3 objects from within Apex, and kickstart integration development with EC2.

About for Amazon Web Services for Amazon Web Services includes two components:

  • Access to Amazon Web Services S3: This component exposes the AWS Simple Storage System (S3) services natively in the environment. Apex code wraps the S3 API and access methods, making them directly available to your own application code - enabling application flows in a discrete and semantically rich fashion, including the ability to automatically add, remove or modify S3 objects based on workflow and data changes in a application.
  • Access to Amazon Web Services EC2: This component is represented by pre-built Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that have the full development environment necessary to extend This includes language runtimes, configurations, and connections to associated API libraries,. Developers can use EC2 to simply instantiate the AMI and immediately begin development, without any additional configuration or installation procedures. The first AMI being made available is to use PHP with

Getting Started

If you're ready to start coding, check out the following tutorials:

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