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Advanced Querying Best Practices using SAQL

Wave Analytics uses Salesforce Analytics Query Language (SAQL) in lenses, dashboards, and explorer to access data for visualizations. Review these advanced SAQL techniques to interact with your data.

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Data Integration Best Practices

Wave is a flexible platform for users to quickly and easily explore data across many business dimensions to build powerful analytic apps. Wave provides flexible options to load and transform data.

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Wave Analytics Multi-Org Considerations

Customers with multiple Salesforce organizations need a strategy to implement Wave Analytics Cloud to harness the data from multiple org's while driving towards a consolidated analytics strategy.

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Wave Analytics - Security Best Practices

Wave provides multiple security tiers to secure your data ranging from controls available at data ingest, application assignment and row-level security. Here are some use-cases to deploy security in and around Wave

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Building Advanced Wave Dashboards

A key feature for Wave Analytics is to quickly and automatically facet across multiple data visualizations. Presented here are some advanced dashboard binding techniques to quickly link data in a dashboard

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Predictive Analytics and Wave

Architecture approaches for integrating results of predictive processes to Wave

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Wave External Data API & Pardot Connector

A quick reference to load data from Pardot to Wave, using the Wave External Data API.

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Extending your Analytic App using Wave REST API

The Wave REST API enables programtic interaction with Wave assets. The API can extend your Analytic app to into your Salesforce org's operational processes or export results to external systems

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The Art & Science of Dashboard Design

Designing analytics applications require design thinking and understanding of user personas to build effective and scalable applications

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Design Layout Templates

Accelerate your Wave development by using these canned Wave layout templates for your analytic App. You can acces design layouts for web, Ipad, Iphone and embedded dashboards

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Migrating Wave Assets Between Salesforce Orgs

When you start developing content for Analytics Cloud, you may need to move your Wave assets (Dashboards, lenses, datasets, and Wave data flow) between orgs.

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Data Visualization Selector

This cheat sheet provides a quick reference for selecting data visualization to drive the best insight into your data?

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Show case your Wave App

This cheat sheet provides preperation tips for walking an audience through your Wave app

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About these Best Practices

The Advanced Solutions Group ( ASG ) is specialized analytics team in the Analytics Cloud product organization that provides world-class technical leadership and guidance focused on empowering the Wave ecosystem. ASG helps drive rapid value by leveraging deep technical knowledge of the Wave platform and apps. These best practices cover design and implementation alternatives for real-world analytics use-cases.

Reach the ASG experts at #AsktheACExperts

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