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Apex Code lets you implement a large percentage of your business logic using point-and-click declarative features such as workflows and approval processes. But sometimes you need more control than these features provide for. That's when you can leverage the power of Apex Code.


Apex is a strongly-typed, object-oriented programming language that lets you centralize and execute flow and transaction control statements on the platform in conjunction with application calls to ​APIs. Using syntax that looks like Java and acts like database stored procedures, Apex lets you add powerful custom business logic to most system events, including button clicks, related record updates, and Visualforce pages. Web service requests and database triggers on objects can also initiate the execution of Apex code.

Recommended Apex Code Learning Path

To begin learning about Apex Code, follow this path.

  1. Apex Code Quick Start
  2. An Introduction to Apex Code
  3. Apex Workbook [ HTML | PDF ]
  4. Apex Training Course "Apex Programming on the Platform"
  5. Beginner-Level Apex Code Dreamforce 2011 Sessions (see below for additional session links)
    1. Introduction to Programming with Apex Code
    2. Hands-On: Introduction to Code (Apex) for Non-Developers
    3. Hands-On: Introduction to Apex Code Patterns for Developers
  6. Webinars
    1. Webinar: Intro to Apex Code
    2. Webinar: Apex Code Testing and Coverage Best Practices
  7. Apex Code Cheat Sheet


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