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Commercial applications are distributed on The AppExchange. You can also move code from one org to another using unmanaged packages, the metadata API and change set functionality.

Learning Path

  1. Publish Your First App with AppExchange Checkout - A detailed step by step guide on publishing your first app on the AppExchange.
  2. ISVForce Guide - A Must Read! This guide is written for independent software vendors (ISVs) who want to sell applications built on the platform. It covers the entire lifecycle of a packaged application.
  3. An Introduction to Packaging - This article provides an introduction to packaging and distribution on the platform



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Official Documentation

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Development Lifecycle Guide: Enterprise Development on the Platform [PDF]
How IT can plan, build, test, and deploy applications using a combination of Web-based and traditional development practices.
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ISVforce Guide a.k.a. Developing Packages for Distribution [PDF]
Everything you need to know if you're a developer building an app that will eventually be packaged on AppExchange.
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AppExchange Publishing Guide [PDF]
How to publish an app or service on AppExchange so that it's available to external customers.
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Application Installation Guide [PDF]
How to download apps into a organization.