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App Logic allows you to implement business logic in two ways:

  • Point-and-click features - Whenever possible, always use point-and-click features to implement app logic — it's easy to implement because no source code and unit tests are necessary, and consequently, everything is easier to maintain. Point-and-click business logic features include Process Builder, Visual Workflow, Approval Processes, Formulas, Validation, and Workflow Rules.
  • Apex Code - When the standard point-and-click features can't meet your requirements, that's when you should consider the power of Apex Code for implementing your custom business logic.

Core Learning Resources

We recommend that you start by doing tutorials in Trailhead, and then reference the official Salesforce documentation.

  1. Trailhead Module: Process Automation
  2. Trailhead Module: Formulas and Validation
  3. Trailhead Module: Apex Basics and Database
  4. Trailhead Module: Apex Triggers
  5. Trailhead Module: Apex Testing

Official Salesforce Documentation

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