Developer Certification

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Demand for Salesforce developers is growing rapidly and companies are looking for proven, certified professionals. There are three levels of developer certification

  • Developer - The Developer Certification is a base-level accomplishment that shows you know how to use the declarative (point-and-click) tools on the platform. You may not know how to code, but you know when it's required and when the declarative functionality is the best option.
  • Advanced Developer - The Advanced Developer Certification shows you know how to do everything in code. You can create Apex triggers, custom Visualforce controllers, and integrate with external systems using APIs, migrate metadata and create unit tests. The Certified Developer credential is a pre-requisite for the Advanced Developer credential. Learn more
  • Architect - The Technical Architect Certification means you can assess design secure, high-performance technical solutions on the platform. You can communicate technical solutions and design tradeoffs effectively to business stakeholders, and provide a delivery framework that ensures quality and success. Current status as a Certified Developer is a prerequisite for Technical Architect Certification.

Why Get Certified?

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Earning a credential from demonstrates that you have skills and confidence. Keeping that certification up-to-date shows that you're schooled on the latest technologies.

  • Certified Salesforce developers are sought after like never before. There's been 159% growth in demand for Salesforce talent since 2008 (Hire On-Demand 2012).
  • Since many companies search specifically for credentials, getting certified can open doors in your career and allow you to compete for more complex projects.
  • Companies who use certified cloud developers have smoother deployments which allows you to build customer confidence.
  • Maintaining your certification ensures that you are on top of new Salesforce functionality as it rolls out 3x per year.

To learn more, visit the Developer Certification home page.

Preparation certification exams recognize experience as well as study. In fact, some exams are based as much on industry and real-world experience as on formal training. For some people, that will include taking the recommended online or classroom training courses; for others, self-study and experience are enough to be successful in the program.

Registration & Exam Schedule

Many certification hopefuls find it useful to go ahead and register for an upcoming exam and select a date to aim for in their training and/or self study. That way you can decide the pace of your preparation and work against a deadline.

To view the exam schedule and register, you must first create a Webassessor account and then select which exam you'd like to pursue. Go ahead and do this now, we'll wait!

Training vs. Self Study

Most people find instructor-lead training to be the most effective. You get the highest return on your time investment, real time feedback, discussion, and curriculum amendments based on the instructor and the attendees. Salesforce teaches instructor-lead classes worldwide, but you'll also find other companies that specialize specifically in Salesforce training. If you'd rather learn at your own pace, third-party training companies, such as Pluralsight and Udacity offer online courses. You can also find workbook tutorials, books, and other great resource right here on Salesforce Developers. Finally, if you are a Premier Success customer, you also have complete access to over 100 of Salesforce's excellent online training courses.

The following table sums up the various training options:

Study Guide

The Developer Certification exam tests your knowledge of various parts of the platform. How these features are weighted in the test is listed in the following table. You'll also find some useful resources from Developer Force (DF) articles, the Fundamentals book (FF), the Learning Center (LC), online help (OH), and workbooks (WB). Note that this isn't a complete list, just some reference material to help you study.

Additional Resources


Next Steps

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