This document is intended for Apex Developers who want to write Apps that can interact with Google's contact lists.

This document assumes that you understand the general ideas behind the Google Data APIs protocol.

For additional Google Contacts Data API reference information, see the Google Contacts Data API Reference Guide.

Getting started

Set up your Development environment.

The platform is the most scalable, secure and popular on-demand platform in the world today. You can develop and instantaneously deploy applications without any infrastructure - 100% on-demand

Install the latest version of the IDE

The IDE allows developers a full-featured, Eclipse-based coding environment, with capabilities like code completion, version control,collaborative development, and project sharing.

Create a Google Account

Google Contacts are associated with Google Accounts, so a Google Account will be required in order to proceed. To view your contacts without using the Contacts Data API, you can log in to Gmail and click the Contacts link.

Check out the source code

Check out the Toolkit for Google Data APIs from the Google repository.

Apex Code Examples

The following examples show how to send Google Contacts Data API requests from Apex Code.


ContactService object

Create the Apex object to handle the connection to Google Data Contacts API, this object is then updated to hold the token that is previously authorized to perform API transactions. This object (service ) is used in each of the following code samples.

ContactService service = new ContactService();

Creating contacts

To insert a contact, you first build a Contact record, through a constructor or by querying the system, then you can insert this into Google Contacts.

Contact newContact = new Contact(
firstname='B', lastname='Spears', description='Sings for money',
email='go@for.broke' );

GoogleData feed = service.getFeed( ContactService.defaultFeed );
service.insertContact( feed, newContact );

Retrieving contacts

Retrieving all contacts

To retrieve the Google user's contacts, call the getFeed method:

GoogleData feed = service.getFeed( ContactService.defaultFeed ); 

Retrieving contacts using query parameters

The Contacts Data API lets you request a set of contacts that match specified criteria, such as requesting contacts updated after a given date.

The Contacts Data API supports query parameters described in the Google Contacts Data API Reference Guide (see also: Google Data APIs Reference Guide).

Hint: To track incremental changes to a contact list, do the following: When you send a request for a feed, keep track of the value of the feed's <updated> element. Then you can later retrieve only the contacts that have changed since the previous request by setting the query parameter updated-min to that <updated> value, and setting showdeleted to true.

Note: By default, the entries in a feed are not ordered.

Retrieving a single contact

The link used to fetch a single contact must itself be fetched from the API service, however you can store this to allow for random access to this record later.

To retrieve a specific contact, use Apex code as follows:

// to get a single contact you must have stored the self 
// link for that contact 
GoogleData oneCon = service.getFeed( 

Retrieving a photo for a contact

The following code loops over all contacts until it finds one with a photo, then it fetches that photo into a variable.

GoogleData feed = service.getFeed( ContactService.defaultFeed ); 
for( xmldom.element e: feed.entries) { 
     string photoUrl = GoogleData.getRelLink( e, 
        	if ( photoUrl != null ) {
        		system.debug( GoogleData.getTitle(e) + 'has a photo ');
        		string photo = service.getPhotoBody(photoUrl ); 
        		system.debug(photo); // binary data for photo

The server returns bytes of the photo.

Updating contacts

To update an existing contact, first you retrieve the entry you want to update, then you modify it, and then use service.updatecontact to send your changes back to Google:

GoogleData brits = service.getContactsByTitle( 'Spears' );
for (xmldom.element con : brits.entries) { 
    	con.getElementByTagName('title').nodeValue = 'New Spears';
    	con.getElementByTagName('content').nodeValue = 'Writes Songs';
    	service.updatecontact( con);

Note that the contact's name is stored in the title element.

Deleting contacts

Find contacts matching the title of "Spears", then delete the first one found

GoogleData brits = service.getContactsByTitle( 'Spears' );
service.removeContact( brits.entries[0] );

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