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Database technology is the persistence layer at the heart of all data-centric applications, the tier that’s in charge of organizing, protecting, and managing shared database access reliably, securely, efficiently. The persistence layer underlying (and is proven database technology that powers all of’s products today, serving more than more than 100,000 organizations, 135,000 applications, 3 million users, 1 billion transactions per day with an average request response time of less than 300ms, all with an average up time of 99.9+ percent.


Easy to Use
With, there’s nothing to manage — takes care of everything for you. There’s no software to install, update, and patch. No waiting on someone else when you want to provision databases. No worries about database backup and disaster recovery. No complex documentation set with thousands of pages and parameters to tune for performance or elasticity. There’s even automatic indexing. Whether you have 1 database or 1,000 databases, all you need to focus on is building great apps.
Trustworthy is built with the security and privacy of customer information in mind.’s infrastructure and corporate workplace meet all of the highest industry standards, including SAS 70 Type II, SysTrust, and ISO 27001 certifications.
Modern is more than just another database system — it’s jam-packed with next-generation features that make building and maintaining highly functional, secure, social, and mobile apps a snap.
  • users, profiles, roles, groups, and row-level sharing rules help you build secure apps without the need to code, test, and maintain your own complicated security logic.
  • With, it’s easy to implement common application logic without writing complicated and error-prone code. Such features include declarative, point-and-click configuration for workflows, encrypted/masked fields, validation rules, formula fields, roll-up summary fields, and cross-object validation rules.
  • is "social" because it includes the Salesforce Chatter API, a built-in data model apps can leverage to become instantly social and collaborative.
  •’s REST APIs, OAuth implementation for user authentication/authorization, data feeds, custom Web services, embedded security model, and other features make it a perfect fit for easily building secure, scalable mobile apps, either native or HTML5.
Open’s full complement of open APIs lets you build and integrate applications using the approach of your choice. REST- and SOAP-based APIs are standards-based APIs that make open to whatever programming language you want to use. Using various APIs, your applications can do many things such as create-read-update-delete (CRUD) business data, load a large number of records asynchronously, and take advantage of the Chatter API to provide collaboration and social networking capabilities to any application.
Most modern apps use server-side logic to centralize complex business logic and enforce complex data integrity rules. Apex, with syntax much like Java, is’s procedural language that you can use to create server-side logic for an application. For example, Apex lets you create stored procedures that modify the database within the context of ACID transactions, and expose them as a custom Web services API (RESTful or SOAP) for your apps. You can also use Apex to build database triggers, routines that automatically fire (execute) when apps modify records in your database.

This is the primary resource page for learning all about database services.

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