Developers of every type are finding success on the platform, whether they are targetting CRM users, seeking to leverage the on-demand model to build proprietary IT solutions, or marketing entirely new and innovative on-demand solutions for the enterprise.

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CODA Builds On-Demand “2go” Version of its Financial Management Software

For nearly three decades, CODA has built a formidable reputation on its financial accounting software. Now the company is leveraging the platform to build a new on-demand application suite called CODA 2go. The benefits from working with include an estimated two-year savings over building the application from scratch and a close collaboration with the Salesforce engineering team. CODA 2go debuts with sales invoicing and accounts receivable functionality and will be shown at’s Dreamforce Europe conference in May 2008.

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From Admin to App Builder: Enables Motorola Administrator to Expand Role, Responsibilities has made Michael Farrington a force to be reckoned with. As part of the Sales Technology Team at Motorola’s Enterprise Mobility business, Farrington began his career as a administrator. But after dusting off his programming skills and applying them to the platform, Farrington has expanded his role. His first app is an innovative user management utility called Draggin’ Role, which he's posted on AppExchange as a free download.

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CRMfusion Codes with Apex

Glenn Wilson's decision to build his business on the platform has helped his company find tremendous success. "I realized how fast the API was being improved—every few months it got faster and better, with a strong support team and a growing ecosystem... I've found it amazing to see a company this large so willing to assist: ‘Here's the SDK, can we help you with technical issues—and by the way, here's a tradeshow that will give you exposure to our customers."


India Developer Success

In India, some companies have formed dedicated teams specializing in deployment, while others have built entire businesses around the platform, providing system integration for customers while turning their best work into applications that are marketed and sold worldwide on's AppExchange marketplace. Some entrepreneurial developers have even created on-demand applications in their spare time that now sell to a global audience.


Salesforce Developer Conference Attendee Interviews

Watch video interviews of some of the leading on-demand developers in the world, as they explain how they've found both technological and business success on the platform. Hear how firms like Appirio, Kailea Networks, Kaiser Permanente, Infopia, and others are leveraging the platform.


Using the API

Developer and O'Reilly author Tony Stubblebine explores the platform, and finds quick success building his first on-demand app. "You can build apps and keep them within your organization -- if, for example, you work in a corporate IT department. But if you want to share your application with the world, for profit or otherwise, the AppExchange directory is the answer.... Customers who find your application on AppExchange can install it directly into their accounts. Salesforce wants to remove the burden of customer acquisition and distribution so that developers can focus on what they do best: finding and solving problems."