is the leading cloud platform that enables you to build applications with ease in record time with friendly point-and-click tools. Applications such as Excel and Access just don't cut it anymore. Complex spreadsheets and unwieldy databases can slow you down, but there is a better way that is simple and powerful.

With you can be productive immediately. lets you build, execute, and deploy applications in the cloud quickly and easily.
With a point-and-click interface, you can create and modify application components, including:

  • Build a data model and UI
  • Build business logic
  • Import and analyze data

Free Online Udacity Course has partnered with a leading MOOC platform, Udacity, to launch a FREE online course that teaches you how to build powerful web and mobile apps and host them in the cloud, without writing a line of code.

By the end of this short course (10 hours or less), you'll use the skills you've developed to conceptualize and create your own app. To get you there, your instructors will first help you build an app that could be used to manage logistics at a music festival. Though this is a very specific app use case, the skills you learn will be applicable to just about any business app you’d want to develop.

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Recommended Learning Path

To begin learning how to develop on the Platform, start with these quick hands-on tutorials:

For background read the following article series.


Here are some other helpful resources for learning to develop apps with