The Summer '09 Release will be available soon. In order to participate in pre-release testing you need to take action no later than May 2, 2009. Click here to access the Summer '09 Release Notes which will give you a better understanding of what you can expect from the Summer '09 Release.

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Deadline: May 2, 2009
Click Here to view detailed instructions on creating a test org and provisioning sandboxes for the Summer '09 pre-release testing. You will need to use your Partner Portal login credentials to access this document.

Need access to the Partner Portal? Go to the Partner Portal and click on Get Access. You will receive login instructions via email within 48 hours.

Important Updates:
Campaign Member Insert & Update API Calls
With Summer ’09, calls on the CampaignMember API object are changing but rest assured the old functionality is still supported with older API versions. Those using the Marketing application will be interested in the following information:

  • Pre-Summer ’09: (API version 15.0 and earlier)
  • Create on CampaignMember – adds new campaign members and updates existing members.
  • Update on CampaignMember – updates existing campaign members and adds new members.
  • Summer ’09 (API version 16.0 and later)
  • Create on CampaignMember -- creates new campaign members. If existing members are found, updates are not made, and an error is returned.
  • Update on CampaignMember– updates existing campaign members. If new campaign members are found, records are not created, and an error is returned.
  • Upsert on CampaignMember –creates new campaign members records and updates existing members.
  • Existing members with populated Lead ID, Contact ID, or Campaign ID can not be updated.

Additional Information
Always access the lastest information about new releases in the Partner Eduction tab under New Release Program in the Partner Portal.

If you have any questions/concerns, please log a case in the Partner Portal selecting Platform/Application Support and Pre-Release as the Case Reason.

Note: Please forward this email to others in your organization who may benefit from this communication.

Sincerely, Partner Program Operations