Welcome to the Force.com Enteprise Integration Series. The Force.com Platform makes the concepts of SOA (Service Oriented Architectures) real by making it easy to create powerful and robust integration solutions. In this series, we will review both, the existing methodologies, techniques for connecting Salesforce.com to other applications and infrastructure as well as new integration features and tools that are due to be released by Salesforce.com later this year. Future parts of the series will focus on Integration Solutions with other systems in the market place.

Part 1: Enterprise Integration Overview

In this screencast you will get an overview and learn about existing methodology & techniques. We will talk about your system landscape, Force.com integration capabilities and how you can successfully integrate with Salesforce.com. At the end of the screencast, you will also get a sneak preview on part 2 of the series.

Presenter: Markus Spohn - Director Product Management, Integration, Salesforce.com

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Part 2: Next Generation Integration Services

In this screencast, you will learn more about what is in store for integration with Salesforce.com later this year. Get an exclusive preview of the latest, cutting edge integration technologies.

Presenter: Markus Spohn - Director Product Management, Integration, Salesforce.com

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Part 3: Data Loader

Your need to integrate Force.com applications with your existing environment can sometimes call for you to move data in and out of the Force.com database. Force.com Data Loader is a tool designed specifically to simplify these type of tasks. This screencast will focus on Data Loader and its functionality. The show will include hands-on demonstrations of Data Loader, as well as some key tips for using the tool effectively.

Richard Greenwald - Force.com Platform Evangelist, Salesforce.com

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Do you have questions?

The Force.com Discussions Boards are the best way to get your questions answered or have further discussion on a specific Enterprise Integration topics.


  • The Integration page on Developer Force contains pointers to all the important integration and API topics