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Develop Facebook Apps on

  • Login from Facebook with OAuth 2.0
  • Full support for FQL and Graph API calls
  • Custom components for Facebook pages

The Toolkit for Facebook is a free set of tools and services that enables developers to harness the power of the Facebook and platforms to build business applications for Facebook.

The Toolkit for Facebook gives you direct access to the Facebook APIs from within Apex Code, letting you create new social graph applications and user experiences that connect directly to’s Sites, database, integration, logic, and Visualforce user interface capabilities. Now, you can tap into Facebook's social graph from the enterprise cloud.

Getting Started

If you're ready to start coding, check out the following resources:

Mashing Up the Cloud with Toolkits

Recording of a Dreamforce 2011 session showing how to use the Toolkit for Facebook to build a social application on

Facebook Resources

Check out the following resources from Facebook's developer portal:

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