The Force.com Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex brings the power of Platform-as-a-Service to Adobe RIA technologies. With the toolkit, Flex developers now have direct access to the Force.com SOAP API, allowing the easy creation of new user experiences and web applications that connect directly to Force.com’s database, logic and workflow capabilities. And using the Adobe AIR component in the toolkit, information from Force.com can automatically be made available offline, allowing developers to extend their Force.com applications with offline and desktop applications.

Examples of what you can do with the AIR and Flex Toolkit and Force.com include:

  • Create a custom UI component such as a drag and drop grid or dynamic chart, and embedded it directly into your Force.com app's experience via s-controls or Visualforce
  • Build an AIR-based desktop application that provides offline access to your Force.com application's data
  • Include third party Flex components in your Force.com apps

Download the Toolkit

This download contains the library (SWC) and all the source code, class documentation and a test app that exercises the toolkit functions.

Download the latest build from Code Share. (5/26/09)

After you download the toolkit, be sure to check out the Taking Salesforce Data Offline Using Adobe AIR tutorial.


The links below provide access to sample applications, code and reference documentation for using the Air and Flex Toolkit.

Force.com and Adobe AIR Sample Quickstart

"Build On-Demand Apps with Adobe Flex" Webinar

  • Get the code and the instructions on creating the simple Databound Grid Application presented in the Using the Flex Toolkit webinar on June 27, 2007.


Demo AppExchange Package

Test drive or install a packaged app from the AppExchange to see Flex on Apex in action.

Get Adobe Flex Builder

  • Adobe Flex Builder 3 - Get a free trial version of Adobe's Eclipse-based Flex development tool that enables intelligent coding, interactive step-through debugging, and visual design of the user interface layout, appearance, and behavior of rich Internet applications.

Screencast Demo

Click here to view a screencast of a demo of the powerful user interface elements developers can now easily create within Apex apps, thanks to the new Flex Toolkit.


Toolkit Documentation

The documentation was built using the Adobe Flex SDK tool ASDoc, which generates document pages from comments inside the source code.