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Enhance your user experience, expand your Salesforce footprint, and unlock the power of your developers with the new Canvas feature, now available to all new Developer Edition Orgs. Canvas features include:

Language Independence
You develop it and we display it. With Canvas you can develop in the language of your choice and easily surface the app inside of Salesforce.
JavaScript SDK
Lightweight and easy-to-use JavaScript libraries allow your app to authenticate and communicate without having to deal with cross-domain network issues. This provides your users with a single command center to drive all their apps.
Simplified Authentication Canvas allows you to authenticate by using OAuth 2.0 or a signed request. This means that your app can connect to Salesforce at a data layer while remaining seamless for users.
App Registration and Management
Developers: Create your app and allow your customers to install it with a single click. Administrators: Easily install apps from developers and quickly manage who in your org can use the app.

The Canvas SDK is an open-source suite of JavaScript libraries and provides simple methods that use existing Salesforce APIs (SOAP API, REST API, Chatter REST API) so you can build a seamless end-user experience inside of

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With the Canvas SDK, you can now integrate your Web app with the trusted platform: Your language, your code.

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