Data Cleaning via Excel

This Excel Add-in provides bi-directional access to the API via the Toolkit for Office, and is useful for cleaning and mass-updating data from within a spreadsheet. Updated features include access to Products2 and custom objects, API names or labels, simple query wizard, readable user names, and more..

Quick Start




New Version

  • Ron Hess has updated the Enterprise and Professional Edition connectors to work with the latest Office Toolkit install, this means that the install instructions now have fewer steps and the new connector works with a recent API version (16.0) . No new features were added.

The new version is found here :


  • While this tool is easy to install and easy to use, you need to be careful anytime you’re manipulating large amounts of live data.
  • You should have familiarity with Excel and Excel Add-In features, this will ensure that you are successful in installing the connector, there is no setup program.
  • Finally, note that this is an open source tool and it is not a supported product. If you have questions please leverage the documentation on this page or visit the Excel discussion boards.

Office Errors

Subject: Fix for Excel Connector problem

Hi All, A couple of weeks ago, an email was sent around reporting that the connector did not work. Error was something like this:

“Microsoft Visual Basic: System Error &H80004005 (-214746259) Unspecified Error”

Well there is a fix.

Try this, to any and all that are affected (because it worked for me).

Run Office Diagnostics and it will fix the issue. The self-diagnostic process normally takes 7-10 minutes:

Goto Start>All Programs>Microsoft Office>Microsoft Office Tools>Microsoft Office Diagnostics and let it run a full scan.

Hope this helps others with similar issues, and many thanks to the IT team who identified this fix!