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The Explorer (beta) is a cross-platform database explorer that has not been updated since October, 2011. Some people may still find it useful, and so we have not retired it. However, most people prefer to use Workbench, which is updated much more frequently. Explorer is built with Adobe Flash Builder for It's an AIR app, so you can get started pretty quickly: click here to install.

You can find a list of known issues below. If you discuss it in the discussion boards, please make sure to include " Explorer" in the title (or tag) so that we can find the posts.

So what does it do?

This handy tool lets you browse your database schema, custom objects and fields, and build and test SOQL queries. It can also generate a simple schema report.

Note that Workbench can also do these things, and you're probably better off using it.


  1. Make sure you have Adobe AIR installed
  2. Then download the latest release of Explorer

Current Version

The current version is 0.58A - last updated in October 2011 to fix an error that arose with an update to AIR in mid October. You can download the previous version, 0.58, here.

Known Issues

  • Management of static resources does not work as expected. Sometimes when trying to upload a file, an error is displayed that the file name has illegal characters. If the upload appears to be successful, going into the org and examining the resource shows that it was not uploaded correctly.
  • Returned error messages are generic; they will be more specific to the exact nature of the problem in the future.
  • Does not work properly with Adobe Air 3.0 upgrade. You are able to see list of Salesforce objects, but when you expand the Fields for an object, you get an error and do not see the fields.

Resolved Issues: Version 0.5.8

Adobe's upgrade to AIR 3.0 broke Explorer, so we published a minor fix, 0.5.8A to resolve the issue. The user can also rollback the version of AIR being used to resolve the issue as well.

Resolved Issues: Version 0.5.6

  • Some people can't login. Especially when swapping environments (ie. production -> sandbox). We think there's a bug in the login logic that holds the state over from one session to another. Try restarting the app, and making sure to hit "Okay" on login settings.
  • On some platforms, the Explorer downloads the .air file as a .zip file. You'll need to rename it to .air before it will be recognised by Adobe AIR.
  • Aggregation queries aren't working due to an "Id" field being inserted.

Resolved Issues: Version 0.5.4

  • Made the login options less ambiguous

Resolved Issues: Version 0.5.2 & 0.5.3

  • Not displaying list of fields for objects with lots of fields.
  • Exceptions are occurring when querying objects with more than 2000 records. You can use the LIMIT SOQL query to limit the query result.

Resolved Issues: Version 0.5.1

  • Uncaught Server Exceptions are occurring on objects that have formulas, especially those with HYPERLINK formulas.
  • Multiple login buttons
  • Exceptions provided no additional data about the exception
  • Fields and child relationships not sorted

History Explorer is based on the original Apex Explorer, a .NET application. With the AIR version, we've given it a face-lift as well as added new functionality.

We'll be updating Explorer periodically. Please subscribe to the Developer Force blog if you want to stay up to date.