Force.com Fundamentals

Force.com Fundamentals is an introduction to the Force.com platform, designed to lead the reader through the functionality provided natively by the Force.com platform. The book walks the reader through the creation of a standard recruiting application.

Force.com Fundamentals is aimed at administrators and programmers looking to learn about the capabilities of the platform. Your application grows in robustness and flexibility as you work through the examples in Fundamentals.

The book covers designing and creating Force.com objects, modifying the appearance of the standard Force.com interface, the Force.com security scheme, collaborating with Chatter, reporting on your data, and using workflows and approvals. The book also introduces the use of Visualforce pages and sites to integrate external functionality.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introducing the Force.com Platform

Chapter 2: About the Sample Recruiting App

Chapter 3: Reviewing Database Concepts

Chapter 4: Building a Simple App

Chapter 5: Enhancing the Simple App with Advanced Fields, Data Validation, and Page Layouts

Chapter 6: Expanding the Simple App Using Relationships

Chapter 7: Securing and Sharing Data

Chapter 8: Collaborating with Chatter

Chapter 9: Using Custom Workflow and Approval Processes

Chapter 10: Analyzing Data with Reports and Dashboards

Chapter 11: Moving Beyond Point-and-Click App Development

Chapter 12: Learning More