Developer Workbooks

The quickest path to learning the Salesforce1 Platform. These tutorial workbooks will walk you through each step along the learning path towards proficiency with Each tutorial introduces a new concept and builds your understanding while you build useful applications. Start the journey with the Workbook, choose the path that’s right for you.

Learn Using Trailhead

Follow self-paced, interactive tutorials while earning badges. Learn fundamentals such as mapping your data model, managing data, & customizing the UI. Plus, go mobile with Salesforce1!

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Workbook forcedotcom.jpg Workbook

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The Workbook is a series of short tutorials that show you how to use the breadth of the platform to build your own on-demand applications. Each tutorial exposes you to a different aspect of the platform, ranging from storing your data to adding workflow, business logic, layouts and user interfaces.


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Salesforce1 Mobile App Workbook

Build apps and extend them to mobile using the Salesforce1 Mobile app. This guide walks through the steps of configuring the Salesforce1 Mobile App, provides a brief tour of features, then walks through the creation of a mobile app that tracks your progress through the learning path laid out in this workbook.

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Apex Workbook

The Apex Workbook introduces you to the Apex programming language through a set of tutorials. You’ll learn the fundamentals of Apex and how you can use it on the platform to add custom business logic through triggers, unit tests, scheduled Apex, batch Apex, REST Web services, and Visualforce controllers. This workbook is intended for developers new to the platform who want an introduction to Apex development on the platform, and for Salesforce admins who want to delve more deeply into app development using coding.

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Visualforce Workbook

The Visualforce Workbook is a set of independent tutorials that explore the breadth of features in Visualforce. You’ll find out how to create components, reusable pieces of Visualforce, as well as how to hook Visualforce into your applications. You’ll also learn about the Model-View-Controller (MVC) foundations of Visualforce, and use a little Apex code. The goal of this workbook is to give you a tour of many of the features of Visualforce, not to build a working application. This workbook is intended for web developers new to the platform who want an introduction to web development on the platform, and for Salesforce admins who want to delve more deeply into app development using coding.

Integration workbook.png Integration Workbook

The Integration Workbook builds on the Workbook, and teaches you how to integrate your existing applications with the platform. Several short tutorials describe how to integrate third-party systems and applications with using the Web Services APIs, Apex, Heroku, and OAuth authentication.

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Heroku Integration Workbook

The Heroku Workbook builds an API integration by creating a web application that lets users sign in (utilizing's OAuth), and then performing API calls back to Along the way, it also demonstrates some of the Heroku platform showing how it can be used.

Book-database-com.png Workbook

The Workbook walks you through creating a database via a series of tutorials, from schema construction through security, data sharing and business logic. You'll also learn how to integrate with from Java.

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Analytics Workbook

The Analytics Workbook introduces you to dashboards and reports through a series of tutorials. You'll start with dashboards and reports, and then look at how to take advantage of built-in tools to share the information with others. Along the way, you'll discover custom table components, combination charts, conditional highlighting, and custom summary formulas.


ISVForce Workbook

The ISVforce workbook is a quick introduction to developing and distributing apps on the platform. The workbook takes you through the process of signing up for orgs, developing a simple application, and packaging it for distribution. You'll then install and test a beta version of the app, and finally you'll create a released version of your app, so that anyone can install it in their organization.

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Cloud Flow Designer Workbook

The Cloud Flow Designer Workbook gives you a quick introduction to designing flows through a series of four standalone tutorials. After going through all four, you’ll be familiar with some of the basic elements of the Cloud Flow Designer, including creating and looking up records, configuring decisions and outcomes, using Apex as a plug-in to enhance functionality, and embedding a flow in a Visualforce page to make it available to users.

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Security Workbook

The Security Workbook is a guide to the Salesforce platform's least-privilege, user-centric security model, and explains the various policies, rules, and grouping mechanisms that control login and access controls. The different components are shown in a series of tutorials, each building on the previous tutorial to advance a demonstration application’s development and also showcase a particular feature of the platform. The result is that your users are able to easily and securely log in and can do everything that they should but nothing that they shouldn’t.

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Service Cloud Workbook

The Service Cloud Workbook gives you an introduction to creating a unified help desk for your support team. After going through six tutorials, you’ll have set up one screen from which your support agents can monitor and respond to customers from email, Web, phone, and text chat channels. Plus, you’ll have configured a knowledge base so that your team can automatically see relevant information that can help them close customer cases faster.

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In this workbook, you’ll create a functioning sample website called Cirrus Computers. You'll learn to create templates, panels, pages, content blocks, and repeater elements as you work through the tutorials designed to teach you the fundamentals of the Studio tool.

Other Developer Resources

In addition to workbooks, be sure to check out the following material: