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A formula is an algorithm, similar to a macro in a typical spreadsheet program, that derives a value from other fields, expressions, or values. Formulas have many uses — for example, for an object, use can create a custom formula field that automatically calculates the value of the field based the value in other fields of the same record. But that's just a simple example — you can use formulas in many contexts, including:

  • custom fields
  • default field values
  • data validations
  • reports
  • workflow field updates
  • workflow rules
  • approval processes
  • approval steps
  • escalation rules
  • assignment rules
  • custom buttons and links
  • Visualforce pages

Formulas can range in complexity. It's easy to get started with some basic formulas, after which you can then implement more advanced formulas, as necessary.

This is the primary resource page for learning all about formulas.

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  2. Workbook (Tutorial #3)

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