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Build Apps that Leverage Google Data APIs

  • Google Documents API
  • Google Calendar API
  • Google Spreadsheet API
  • Blogger API
  • Contacts API
  • Google Data Authentication

The new Toolkit for Google Data APIs makes it easy to develop applications that make the most of the capabilities of Google Data APIs, including read and write access to data and content in Google Apps. The toolkit provides you direct access to the Google Data APIs from's Apex code, allowing the easy creation of new user experiences and Web applications that connect directly to’s database, integration, Apex programming language, and Visualforce user interface capabilities.


About the Toolkit

The new Toolkit for Google Data APIs provides a free and open-source set of tools and services that developers can use to take advantage of Google Data APIs from within The goal of the toolkit is to make Google Data APIs – starting with Spreadsheets, Documents and Calendar – first class citizens of the environment. Specifically, the toolkit exposes these APIs directly within Apex, making it easier to access them natively from apps and providing tighter integration between the platforms with less developer effort.

Get Started!

The Tooolkit includes all the code plus extensive documentation. To get started, you'll need to be sure you have the Eclipse-based IDE installed with the Subversion plugin. The details are covered in the Toolkit Setup document listed below.

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