Salesforce Identity

As the number of cloud-based providers and applications continue to grow, users are faced with an ever-growing array of login options and credentials. This trend poses a problem for not only users, but administrators and developers looking to leverage a full ecosystem of applications and features within the cloud.

Salesforce Identity provides Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Web and mobile applications through the simplicity, transparency, and trust of the Salesforce Platform. Salesforce Identity helps to improve the usability and adoption of applications through single sign-on for end-users, simplify administration through centralization and automation of user identity and access rights, and provide peace of mind for the CIO through visibility and control over their cloud investments.


Salesforce Identity Features

Single Sign-On & Social Desktop
Users sign in once into Salesforce Identity and gain one click access to applications. With an Identity-enabled Chatter feed, users can access deeply integrated applications and push important information back to the user.
Identity & Access Management
Administrators centrally manage access to applications designed for desktop, smartphones or tablets. Management of users across applications and clouds is automated through highly flexible provisioning workflows.
Enterprise Directory Integration
For organizations with existing enterprise systems like Active Directory, admininistrators can utilize automated synchronization of users and Single Sign-On.
Cloud Directory Services
Salesforce Identity supports standards-based access to user attributes and entitlements through a SCIM (System for Cross Domain Identity-Management )-based cloud directory.
Administrators have the ability to immediately shut off access to applications and services through automated de-provisioning.
Centralized Reporting
Organizations gain transparency, insight, and piece of mind with centralized reports over user authentication, access, utilization, and de-provisioning.

Working With Salesforce Identity

Declarative Tools
Salesforce Identity can be extended using declarative features of the Salesforce Platform, like workflows, extensible fields, drag and drop process designers, and layout editors.
Programmatic Customizations
Developers can leverage Apex to handle takes, like related callouts, triggers, scheduled and batch code. Salesforce Identity is API-enabled for automating off the platform.
Built for the Cloud
Plug, Heroku or third-party applications into a single framework for common authorization and one-click enablement in the cloud.

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