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Books by Salesforce


Force.com Fundamentals

by Salesforce Developers Press

Force.com Fundamentals provides an introduction to custom application development in the cloud. This book provides a thorough introduction to the declarative aspects of the Force.com platform.

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Lightning Experience Guide

This book is intended for administrators and developers who want to learn about and migrate to Salesforce's new Lightning Experience. To help you get familiar with Lightning Experience, we take you through a virtual tour of its features and functionality, and give you suggestions on how to roll it out in your organization. In addition, we’ve included information for developers about how Lightning Experience changes the way you develop applications, as well as detailed information about Visualforce in Lightning Experience."

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Salesforce1 App Admin Guide

This book is intended for administrators. With chapters on how to optimize your page layouts for mobile, customize the Salesforce1 navigation menu, create actions, work with compact layouts, set up mobile navigation, and much more.

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Salesforce1 Mobile App Developer Guide

by Salesforce Developers Press

Learn to build apps on Salesforce App Cloud, which brings together Force.com, Heroku, and ExactTarget Fuel into one incredibly powerful family of social, mobile, and cloud services-all built API first. This approach to unlocking mobile app development for organizations is built for today's needs: mobile and social solutions delivered in days or weeks. Designed for scale with open APIs for extensibility and integration, and powerful developer tools, there's no limit to what developers and ISVs can build on the platform.

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Visualforce in Practice

by Michael Floyd, Don Robins, Dan Appleman, et al. (Salesforce Developers Press)

Visualforce in Practice is an intermediate-level book that shows how to build real-world UI’s while walking you through actual apps that have been deployed and are in production. Written by Salesforce developers, practitioners and MVPs, this book gives you a chance to learn from developers in the trenches that are earnestly building enterprise applications and deploying them to the cloud.

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Mobile SDK Development Guide

by Richard Whitley, et al. (Salesforce Developers Press)

Salesforce Platform Mobile Services is the next-generation platform that powers Salesforce mobile applications, enabling enterprises to build their own Android, iPhone, and iPad applications. These services leverage the power of the Salesforce platform and its proven security, reliability, and scale for enterprise applications. Salesforce Platform Mobile Services comprises three core components.

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Lightning Components Developer Guide

Create your own stand-alone Lightning apps, as well as custom Lightning components that can be used in the Salesforce1 mobile app. Learn how to package applications and components and distribute them in the AppExchange.

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Books by Community Authors


Advanced Apex Programming for Salesforce and Force.com

by Dan Appleman, Desaware Publishing

Whether you are an experienced developer coming to Apex from another language, or an intermediate level Apex developer, this book will take you to the next level in programming on the Salesforce and Force.com platform. You won't find tutorials for beginners or reference material within. Instead, this book gives you an in-depth exploration of advanced design patterns and techniques, written by someone who has not only been involved in multiple consulting projects, but also in releasing a major commercial package on the AppExchange. This is a must-have resource for all Apex developers.

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Practical Salesforce.com Development Without Code

This book shows you how to unlock the power of the Force.com platform to solve real business problems--and all without writing a line of code. Salesforce.com expert Phil Weinmeister walks you through different business problems and identifies effective, creative--and proven--approaches to solutions using the platform's declarative framework. Among the topics covered are: the Salesforce.com data model, functions, formulas, workflow rules, approval processes, publisher actions, and more.

This book most is most directly applicable to analysts, administrators, and consultants, but is also relevant to Salesforce.com developers looking to increase knowledge of configuration-based approaches to solutions. as well as technical professionals who understand configuration and/or development, but are not familiar with the Force.com platform.

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Force.com Enterprise Architecture

This book is for advanced Force.com developers and architects who need to understand the Salesforce platform from the perspective of enterprise-level requirements.

Among the many things this book teaches you, you'll learn how to architect and support enduring applications for enterprise clients with Salesforce by exploring how to identify architecture needs and design solutions based on industry standard patterns. This book cuts a logical path through the steps and considerations for building packaged solutions from start to finish, covering all aspects from engineering to getting your application into the hands of your customers, and ensuring that they get the best value possible from your Force.com application.

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Development with the Force.com Platform: Building Business Applications in the Cloud

by Jason Ouellette

This book provides practical, technical guidance you need to make the most of Force.com in your own custom enterprise applications. Leading Force.com developer Jason Ouellette helps you identify suitable uses for Force.com and provides all the insights and sample code needed to rapidly prototype, deploy, and integrate with production-quality Force.com applications.

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Salesforce Handbook

by Wes Nolte and Jeff Douglas

The Salesforce Handbook provides a newcomer’s guide to building applications on Salesforce.com and the Force.com platform. This book is a pragmatic guide to using and buliding applications on Force.com, covering the declarative and programmatic aspects of the platform.

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Force.com Developer Certification Handbook (DEV401)

by Packt Publishing

Force.com Developer Certification Handbook (DEV401) is a practical guide which will help the reader discover fundamentals for building applications on Force.com without writing a single line of code. It will help the reader to create and manage custom objects , build the user interface for various applications and automate the business process by using workflows and approvals. It is the only book aimed at helping professionals prepare for the DEV 401 Certification exam.

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Developing Applications with Salesforce Chatter

by Rakesh Gupta & Sagar Pareek, Packt Publishing

"Developing Applications with Salesforce Chatter" starts by covering the basics of Salesforce Chatter, Chatter license types, and its effect on ROI. It then discusses how to configure Chatter and various sections to customize it. Further, it walks through the Chatter Data cleaning as well as the basics of REST API and oAuth.This book will cover everything you need to know about Salesforce Chatter configuration and customization. "Developing Applications with Salesforce Chatter" allows you to improve collaboration in your organization. The book covers many features such as Chatter messenger, commenting on status, uploading and sharing files, polls and Chatter actions. This book also teaches you how to configure and customize Chatter by using Apex and Visualforce pages for high productivity.

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