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Websites offers two different technologies for publishing content.

  • Community Builder - Create a community based on preconfigured templates and then apply branding and other details with a user-friendly interface.
  • Sites - Build custom pages and Web applications programmatically using Apex, Visualforce and APIs.

See Choosing Between Community Builder and Sites for a detailed comparison between the two.

Community Builder

Community Builder (formerly lets you deliver web sites at the speed of social. Create once, publish anywhere -- your own web sites, social channels like Facebook, where ever your brand lives. Social, mobile, real time, trusted cloud.

For developers, Community Builder provides you the tools to build, deploy, and scale stunning web sites with:

  • 24x7x365 availability
  • easy data consumption
  • customizable content management
  • transparent shared, secure, and scalable infrastructure
  • reusable templates and components

Community Builder's intuitive interface makes most of the work in building professional web sites easy. Plus, there's no servers, software, or database to manage, and your site automatically leverages to the global network of servers (CDN) to serve up your content quickly.

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The following resources may not be regularly maintained. Sites Sites is the solution for you when you want to publish data to the world using Visualforce pages. Sites also allows you to authenticate access to specific pages that expose data from your internal database. Sites lets you create public web applications and web sites that run natively on - under your own domain. Sites lets you easily extend the reach of your existing applications to new, external audiences, and your site visitors don't need to authenticate to view your pages. In fact, if you're already using Visualforce to create your user interfaces, it's a simple matter of bundling them into a Site to create a public web application.


Some key features of Sites include::

  • The Sites technology utilizes Visualforce, the platform framework for building and deploying custom user interfaces.
  • The URL for each site can use your unique domain or your own branded domain.
  • Sites can easily generate Atom syndication feeds based on SOQL queries.
  • Public access settings control which database objects and fields are accessible to visitors.
  • You can easily use the built-in content distribution network integration to cache pages.

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The following resources may not be regularly maintained.