Your application listing is what appears on the AppExchange and is made up of marketing materials. Customers can learn about your application by reviewing content such as a datasheet or whitepaper, seeing a demo or test driving the application as well. They can also install your application by clicking the Get It Now button, or, obtain additional information about your application if you choose to have a Learn More button instead. And best of all, such customer activities are tracked and sent directly to you as leads for free!

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To create a listing on the AppExchange, you must log in to the publishing console of the site. If you are both the developer of an app and the person responsible for creating the listing content (aka the publisher), you can start your listing by simply logging into the AppExchange with your developer edition credentials.

Alternatively, if these roles are delegated, both the developer and the listing publisher can work on the app and listing in parallel, log into the publishing console with their respective credentials, and then link the two together.

To start the process, go to and log in to the console by clicking on the "Publishing Tab":

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While setting up you listing is fairly intuitive, we provide extensive help from within the publishing console:

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Within help, the following topics are covered:
1. Creating and Editing Your Provider Profile
2. Creating and Editing Your Listings (including creating a test drive)
3. AppExchange Security Review
4. Managing Your Default License Settings

Marketing ResourcesTarget marketing image.png

The following marketing resources can also help you maximize your presence on the AppExchange. To access these resources, you must log in to the partner portal:

1. Linking An App to a Listing Demo
2. Lead Collection Guide
3. Listing Best Practices (Includes details on search & categorization)
4. AppExchange Sponsorship Guide