Webinar: Multitenant Magic - Under the Covers of the Force.com Data Architecture

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The Force.com platform scales to support tens of thousands of organizations and upwards of 150 million transactions a day. It does this using a metadata-driven multitenant SaaS architecture pioneered by salesforce.com, which lies at the heart of all Force.com applications.

Watch this webinar—and discover how the innovative multitenant architecture scales to your application needs.

This recorded webinar explains the capabilities of multitenancy, including:

  • Our multi-tenant ethos, where everything is shared, including the database
  • Metadata-composed applications and the Force.com application runtime
  • The patent-pending database and application server technology
  • Managed procedural development via Apex Code

This webinar took place on February 12, 2009


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Craig Weissman, Chief Architect, salesforce.com