Older Integration Articles and Presentations

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Using the Force.com SOAP API: A very detailed series of articles from the O'Reilly Network. Author Tony Stubblebine uses Perl to construct a mashup between Salesforce.com and MovableType blogs, then packages the whole thing up.
Part I: An Introduction to Salesforce.com's AppExchange
Part II: Using the Force.com API
Part III: Packaging for Salesforce.com's AppExchange

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Force.com SOA Deep Dive: Presentation from Dreamforce '07.

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The Power of Force.com SOA: Demonstration of using Force.com SOA to integrate external data sources in your Force.com applications.

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Apex Day: Creating Next Generation Mash-ups: Key icon.gif Creating mashups with Yahoo Maps and the Web Services API.

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Simple Yahoo Maps Mashup: Code for Yahoo Maps mashup example.


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API Performance Tips: Summary of issues that you should consider to maximize the performance of your API requests and interactions.

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Performance, Optimization, and Tuning for the API: Presentation on achieving optimal performance from the API.

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Compression with Axis 1.3: Using Apache Axis 1.3 compression with the Web Services API.

Technical topics

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Email To Case: Using the Web Services API to pull information from emails and adding it to cases.

Enterprise Integration Series

Icon video sm.gif Enterprise Integration Series: The Enterprise Integration series is designed to help you understand the integration capabilities built in the Force.com platform. This series consists of the following presentations -

Icon video sm.gif Overview of Salesforce.com Enterprise Integration: This presentation introduces you to the various methods you can use to integrate the Force.com platform with your existing systems.
Icon video sm.gif Web Services and Force.com SOA: This presentation covers how to expose your Apex Code to the outside world as a Web service, and how to access Web services from the Force.com environment.
Icon video sm.gif Data Loader: This presentation covers the use of the Data Loader tool to move data in and out of the Force.com environment..