Toolkit for PHP (Version 20.0)

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The PHP toolkit provides an easy way to make Web service API method calls from within PHP.

To get started, read Getting Started with the Toolkit for PHP.



  • PHP 5.x
  • SOAP Enabled
  • SSL Enabled
  • cURL Enabled
  • OpenSSL Enabled



Here's a list of sample code that exercises most aspects of the toolkit:

Other Resources

Here's a list of other code samples contributed by community members:

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Creating Email Reports in PHP: Learn how to use PHP to query the API, format the results, and send the output to an email address.

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Simple PHP Authentication Service

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Saleforce PHP Upsert Tutorial #1: This tutorial will focus on using Oracle as the local database and pushing data to using the upsert command, which combines insert and update functionality.

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Saleforce PHP Tutorial #2: Working with large data sets -- website domain no longer hosted

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Simple Web2Lead Implementation

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Self Service User Validation Example: How to validate self-service user login information using a modified login call.

Known Issues

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Older Versions

Icon toolkit sm.gif PHP Toolkit 13.0

Icon toolkit sm.gif PHP Toolkit 11.0

Icon toolkit sm.gif PHP Tookit 1.1

Icon toolkit sm.gif PHP Toolkit 1.0.x