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This is an old version of the PHP Toolkit. For the latest version, visit PHP Toolkit.

What's New

The PHP Toolkit 1.1 now supports the 9.0 API and for the first time, the Enterprise WSDL. With this release, the Enterprise WSDL support is better than the Partner WSDL support due to limitations in the PHP 5 SOAP extension. This is particularly true in the area of API Relationship.



  • Add support for Merge (Partner)
  • Add support for Process Submit Request (Partner)
  • Add support for Process Submit Work Item Request (Partner)
  • Refactor Base Classes



Review these samples to learn how to make calls on the API using the toolkit.

Change Summary

March 20, 2007 - Initial release of PHP Toolkit 1.1

PHP Toolkit Tips

When performing string comparisons, you should note that SimpleXMLElements are of type "Object." In order to perform a proper string comparison, you must first cast the SimpleXMLElement using "(String)". Some sample code is shown below:

include 'example.php';

$xml = new SimpleXMLElement($xmlstr);

if ((string) $xml->movie->title == 'PHP: Behind the Parser') {
    print 'My favorite movie.';

htmlentities((string) $xml->movie->title);