Phoenix is a SQL skin over HBase delivered as a client-embedded JDBC driver targeting low latency queries over HBase data. Phoenix takes your SQL query, compiles it into a series of HBase scans, and orchestrates the running of those scans to produce regular JDBC result sets. The table metadata is stored in an HBase table and versioned, such that snapshot queries over prior versions will automatically use the correct schema. Direct use of the HBase API, along with coprocessors and custom filters, results in performance on the order of milliseconds for small queries, or seconds for tens of millions of rows.

Apache Phoenix at Salesforce

Apache Phoenix was internal project started by James Taylor and Mujtaba Chohan at Salesforce for internal use. It was previously released on GitHub under the BSD License. In 2013, it was accepted as a incubator project at Apache.

Recommended Learning Path with Apache Phoenix

Start with the Quick Start over at the Apache Phoenix site to get up and running with Phoenix quickly, and then consult the links below for more information on the project.

More Resources on Apache Phoenix